Choosing the Best Deodorant Stick Caps for Your Products

Branden J. Kaczay
May. 8 2024


At DISTRIBUPACK, we offer a wide range of deodorant sticks with compatible caps that are applicable to a variety of products regardless of the type of branding you are looking to achieve. With so much variety available, however, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed from the sheer number of options and figuring out what it all means in relation to your specific product formula and/or presentation. To make things easier, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about choosing the best deodorant stick caps for your products.


To begin looking for the right cap for your products, you need to think about what precisely it is that you’re looking to accomplish. Some brands thrive by offering a sleek and stylish appearance to their products while other brands are better served by something more standard and traditional. Consider the kind of look your brand already has (or may ultimately want to have) and how that will inform your selection here.


No matter which style you opt for, it’s important to optimize your product’s container for both appearance and functionality. It should do its job of keeping your product effectively sealed in its container while offering easy accessibility to your customers. In terms of aesthetics, it needs to align with your company’s overall branding and look.

Types of Plastic Caps

Our plastic deodorant caps are organized into several categories based on each one’s actual compatible deodorant stick/deodorant tube to make finding the right fit easier for you. The categories are as follows.

Oval Deodorant Caps

Round Propel/Repel & Round Push-Up Caps

If you are looking for traditional deodorant caps, you’ll find quite a few different options available based on the compatible container. Each traditional deodorant cap variety offers both look and function that melds well with its accompanying stick/tube style option. We use a friction fit/snap-on fit functionality for our oval deodorant caps to ensure content protection for your product while still making it easy for your customers to use the product.

Round Deodorant Caps

Our round propel/repel and round push-up deodorant caps are used with products contained in a cylindrical tube shape like certain kinds of deodorant sticks alongside stain sticks and lip balms. While these caps are similar to their oval counterparts in many ways, the round caps can attach to the container in different ways. Our round deodorant caps feature a screw-on/twist-on orientation that utilizes threads to firmly secure to its compatible container.

Threaded Caps vs Non-Threaded Caps

A cap being threaded refers to how the cap attaches to the rest of the container. A friction fit/snap-on fit cap is considered non-threaded while screw-on/twist-on caps are considered threaded.


Each of these styles have their own benefits, so it is important to consider why a particular style would be incorporated into a specific package design over the other style option.  For products that are more liquid and prone to leakage, they may benefit from a threaded cap, as they offer an airtight and secure seal from the “fastening” motion achieved by this style. Products that are more viscous/solid and not prone to leaking but also need to be used regularly benefit from a non-threaded cap that can be removed and put back on easily and quickly with minimal effort.


No matter which style, the seal created by our cap designs is perfectly reliable to protect the inside contents each and every time that it is used.

Cap Colors

The color of deodorant stick caps can play a major role in its overall appearance, and in some cases, it is the defining feature of the product appearance. For your convenience, DISTRIBUPACK offers three (3) main colors in stock including white, black, and natural, which are readily available for immediate shipment. While white is the most popular among deodorant brands, opting for something a little different may help your brand stick out more when it comes to cap colors. For example, black caps allow branding with bright colors to stick out more. For more traditional styles, however, the white caps evoke a “clean and pure” aesthetic with your product, which is particularly useful for the hygiene category.


Sometimes, deodorant brands let the product itself contribute to the aesthetic. If the deodorant inside the stick has a unique color that is part of its appeal, a clear cap may be more appropriate to show off the appearance of the contents inside. Additionally, natural colored caps tend to do better at hiding blemishes than black caps, so that could be important if part of your branding is pristine, high end appearances.

Cap Customization

Although we keep white, black, and natural caps in regular inventory ready for immediate shipment with no lead time, you’ll also find several customization options are available that allow you to specify exactly what your brand needs from a packaging cap with the following customization upgrades/features available upon request for an additional cost with possible additional lead time (minimum order quantity requirements may also apply):


  • Decoration
  • Finishes
  • Custom Colors
  • Recycled Post Consumer Resin (PCR) Material


Complimentary Advice

When you work with DISTRIBUPACK to find the best deodorant stick caps for your product, you can enjoy the benefit of complimentary advice from our expert design team. Our team has served a variety of different businesses from small startups to global distributors, and that experience can be put to work for your brand. You can give us a call at (814) 878-5500 during normal business hours to talk to a real person, not an automated message, about what you want to achieve with your deodorant branding.

Find the Right Cap Today

When picking the best deodorant stick cap, it’s important to keep both functionality and brand aesthetic in mind. You may need a threaded or a non-threaded cap, and the cap needs to fit well with the container you opt for. DISTRIBUPACK offers a wide selection of high quality plastic caps including eco-friendly products that can fit your brand offering style and functionality for your customers. Take a closer look at our selection to learn more about what we have to offer, and don’t hesitate to reach out for any help you may need along the way.

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