U.S. Made Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Frontline Workers & Healthcare Professionals

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, has long been a necessity for healthcare workers in a variety of environments. Now more than ever, PPE has become essential for everyday use and anyone working on the frontline, from cashiers and maintenance workers to teachers and so many careers in between. Because these workers can be dealing with the public for anywhere from two hours to 12-plus, DISTRIBUPACK offers full plastic face shields that are designed for short or long-term use, in addition to flip top caps that can be used for hand sanitizer and/or various other bottles. If you’re looking to order a number of plastic face shields that successfully protect the eyes, nose, and mouth from airborne droplets while offering their users comfort and peace of mind, you’ve come to the right place. The PPE offered by DISTRIBUPACK is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

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Full Plastic Face Shields & Flip Top Caps For Hand Sanitizer | Best PPE to Prevent Spread of COVID-19

The transparent plastic face shields offered by DISTRIBUPACK are superior quality face shields made in the U.S.A. They are specifically designed and engineered to offer complete coverage, functionality, and comfort. Our face shields require some very simple assembly, with the transparent shield attaching to the forehead band via four (4) designated posts for a secure connection. DISTRIBUPACK proudly offers superior quality face shields at low prices with immediate shipping, which is free to customers within the continental United States.

Much research has been done describing why full face shields offer better protection for the wearer than a typical N95 or standard face mask. According to the LA Times, while those coverings do their job to protect others from the wearer’s droplets, a full face shield offers additional protection for the wearer from other’s droplets; it also serves as a reminder not to habitually touch your mask or face. A full face shield may just be one more tool that can be used to combat the spread of COVID-19, but especially when used in tandem with an N95 or standard face mask, it is one of the most effective tools currently available on the market.

According to a 2016 study, in addition to comfort, coverage, and cost, face shields provide the following benefits when compared to N95s, standard masks, and other facial coverings:

  • Less retained dermal facial heat
  • No impact on breathing resistance
  • No fit testing required
  • Reduced patient anxiety
  • Can be cleaned and disinfected easily
  • Does not impede vocalization or facial/nonverbal communication
  • Good for those with hearing difficulties and/or sensory processing issues
  • Can be worn with other PPE (and may extend the life of a facemask when used concurrently)

Unfortunately, we are currently living in times where personal protective equipment is necessary not only for work, but for everyday use, whether you’re shopping for groceries or visiting a relative. Comfort is second only to effectiveness, and fortunately for those ordering through DISTRIBUPACK we provide a product that offers both. Give your employees, family, and friends the confidence they deserve when spending hours working with the public or visiting their loved ones, and invest in their safety today.


U.S. Made 24-410 Plastic Flip Top Caps for Hand Sanitizer & Other Bottles

DISTRIBUPACK also offers U.S. made 24mm flip top caps for hand sanitizers and other bottles that require cap threads conforming to GPI and SPI standards for 410-finish closures. Our 24-410 plastic flip top caps are injection molded closures made from polypropylene. These caps are perfect for those looking to distribute standard-sized hand sanitizers in bulk, or for those simply looking to ensure family and friends have personal hand sanitizers on them at all times.

We produce these caps with regularity, so even with large quantity orders, we are typically able to ship out within a week of your order. For those interested in eco-friendly materials, our 24-410 flip top caps can be manufactured with bio-resins or PCR (post consumer resin) given a larger minimum order quantity and lead time. Help combat the spread of surface germs by investing in personal hand sanitizer caps and packaging today.


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