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Stock Packaging for Sale | Plastic Containers for Cosmetics, Food, Pharmaceuticals, & More

DISTRIBUPACK is a U.S. based distributor of stock packaging fulfilling both low-volume and high-volume orders for multipurpose jars, containers, sticks, tubes, and accessories, including lids, caps, and more. Our products span a wide variety of popular applications throughout established industries, such as personal care, as well as rising industries, such as CBD balms. If you’re looking to properly package and proudly represent your products to sell to various existing and emerging markets, the experts at DISTRIBUPACK can find and provide the best packaging for you, for your business, and for your customers.

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Our Products

polypropylene jars

Empty Jars & Containers for Packaging Creams, Lotions, Ointments, & More

If you are looking to efficiently package products for standard or higher-grade including pharmaceutical/nutraceutical applications, DISTRIBUPACK’s selection of empty jars and containers has you covered. Our wide array of plastic containers and jars are similarly styled yet genuinely diversified, and can be used for standard and/or specialized higher-grade packaging applications. To learn more about our full product selection, visit our Jars & Containers page.

jars and containers
deodorant packaging
deodorant packaging

Plastic Deodorant Packaging for Solid & Gel Deodorants, CBD Balms, & More

If you are looking to package and distribute deodorant, lip balms, stain sticks, CBD balms, and other solid or soft solid ingredients, the various plastic deodorant sticks and containers offered by DISTRIBUPACK have you covered. These deodorant sticks are universally styled and specifically designed for each and every applicable market and can be used for any of the above products, as well as other specialized applications. To learn more about our full product selection, visit our Deodorant Sticks page.

polypropylene caps

Plastic Lids & Caps for Empty Containers & Jars

Are you looking for a plastic lid or cap that fits perfectly with a specially sized container? Regardless of where you got your jar or container, DISTRIBUPACK offers a large selection of universal lids, caps, and closures. To learn more about our full product supply, visit our Lids & Caps page.

caps and lids


Industries & Applications

Lotions & Balms

Balms: Creams, Lotions, Gels, & Waxes

The general balms industry continues to thrive with traditional products enjoying booming growth year after year, while emerging products offer new and exciting opportunities. As the alternative health industry continues to grow with the introduction of CBD products, including a vast variety of balms, so does the use of creams, lotions, gels, waxes, and more throughout the world. These products matter to people; for many, it is one of the only over-the-counter remedies they can count on for relief from any number of ailments. That is why stock packaging is one of the most critical components to making these products available to consumers, and why DISTRIBUPACK offers superior quality, superior grade packaging options for products within the balms market.

Personal Care

Personal Care

The market for personal care products is vast, extremely competitive, and continuing to grow and evolve at a rapid pace. Every year, consumers are looking for new ways and new products to satisfy their needs. As a result, there are always new products and brands being introduced to meet those consumer’s needs, each looking to stand out from the rest. Getting to market effectively and efficiently is critical, and to assist with a vital part of your product getting to market, DISTRIBUPACK can handle all of your wholesale packaging option needs.

Pharmaceutical / Nutraceutical

Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals

Manufacturers rely on nutraceutical and pharmacetical jars and containers to support the stability and integrity of medical products. While plastic jars and containers are well-established as pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging, some active ingredients may call for containers with specific qualities conducive to such needs. DISTRIBUPACK provides plastic jars and containers to protect and support these products in any form, including lotions, creams, pills, and more.

Home Care & Cleaning Supplies

Home Care

The home care industry continues to offer excellent established product choices like powders, creams, gels, and more that are composed of traditional formulas to tend to the household chores, while alternative formulas and products continue to enter the market place. At a time many are deeming critical for our environment, some folks are taking the initiative to switch to natural and more eco-friendly cleaning solutions. For those looking to package their traditional and/or natural cleaning solutions safely and for maximum shelf life, DISTRIBUPACK offers a wide range of empty jars, containers, push-up sticks, and universal caps and lids.


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