Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical Containers for Resale | Empty Plastic Jars for Vitamins, Supplements, & More

Companies and brands rely on dependable plastic containers to support the stability and integrity of their pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. While wholesale plastic pharmacy jars and containers are well-established packaging options, DISTRIBUPACK provides plastic jars that protect and support pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals in any form, from lotions to pills and everything in between. For practical plastic packaging options that help your product stand out from the competition, browse our pharmaceutical and nutraceutical containers. DISTRIBUPACK can assist with your specific application needs, helping you deliver suitably packaged products.

containers for pharmaceutical and nutriceutical applications


Plastic Stock Packaging for Gummies, Pills, & Other Pharmaceutical or Nutraceutical Products

While it's the contents inside that may be beneficial to consumers, the quality and appearance of plastic jars and containers help to define the identity of the product. DISTRIBUPACK offers solutions for safe and reliable packaging to protect against damage, breakage, and lost revenue. Defense against light, moisture, and biological damage ensures a full potency product, while senior-friendly containers that open easily can also improve product satisfaction. Container capacity ranges from ¼ oz all the way up to 8 ounces. Dependable, leakproof, and superior appearance caps are also available.

Containing life-enhancing (and potentially life-saving) products, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging does more than simply support the product inside. The correct plastic jar or container partnered with the proper labeling can influence perceptions of the product, encourage consistent use, and increase client satisfaction.


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