Plastic Jar Lids, Closures, & Stock Packaging Accessories for Resale

Are you looking for a cap that fits perfectly with a specific sized jar or container? Regardless of where you got your product, DISTRIBUPACK offers a wide variety of universal lids and caps to complete your stock packaging needs. These products fall into five central categories:

  • Straight Caps
  • Classic Caps
  • Dome Caps
  • Domical Caps
  • Other Caps, Lids, & Closures

There are plenty of variables that go into fitting caps to containers (or lids to jars), and those can be found on the individual product pages that follow. For example, these containers may range in size from 33 mm to 83 mm. Also worth noting is the designated thread count, which measures from the jar’s neck (or screw). Universal standard cap threads can form to SPI standards to fit over 400 finished enclosure types.

straight caps


Straight Caps for Stock Packaging, Distributing Cosmetics, & More

The name of each cap type also serves as a simple physical description of the cap itself. For example, DISTRIBUPACK’s supply of straight side caps are known for their straight sides without any rounded or domical features. Comparatively, they feature a slim, sleek, lower profile and can be fitted to containers that are storing cosmetic pads, creams, lotions, and more.

classic caps


Classic Caps For Wholesale Packaging

The classic cap is named so for a reason; its shape is likely what you’ve come to expect when imagining a cap for your plastic jar or container. The classic cap is very similar to the aforementioned straight cap, but with a taller height and more pronounced profile. Classic caps can add to the look of any plastic stock packaging, regardless of what it is being used to store.

dome caps


Dome Caps for Multipurpose Stock Packaging

Another of the most common types of container tops are dome caps, known for their rounded edges that partially lend to the cap resembling a dome. Because these lids and caps are simply fit to a corresponding jar or container, many of them are industry encompassing. DISTRIBUPACK’s selection of dome caps is widely utilized within the cosmetics, self-care, and beauty industries.

domical caps


Domical Caps for Plastic Stock Packaging

DISTRIBUPACK’s domical caps combine elements of all three previously mentioned caps. These caps mix the sides of a classic cap with straight edges and a slight doming effect to create what appears like a domed cap with more pronounced edging. Domical caps make a great addition to any plastic jar, container, or stock packaging for lotions, balms, creams, cosmetics, and health and beauty products.

straight caps


Other Caps, Lids, and Closures for Multipurpose Packaging

DISTRIBUPACK also currently offers additionally styled caps, lids, and closures that are compatible with a variety of product types across all markets and industries. View our current product offering or feel free to contact us so we can get to work on getting what you need.


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