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According to Statista, as consumers continue to grow more conscious of their skincare routine, the industry is poised to reach over 180 billion dollars by 2024. In a market as large as the one producing new lotions, balms, moisturizers, and other skin care products every year, it’s important to serve your customers with effective stock packaging that stands out from the rest. Consider an industry as blooming as CBD; these days, it’s not enough for product manufacturers to simply package their new product.

That’s why DISTRIBUPACK wants to help upstart businesses and entrepreneurs strategically package with a purpose. We consider consumer trends in skincare, retail demands, and more when designing our wholesale stock packaging. No matter your size or packaging needs, we provide high-quality packaging products, value, and service to simplify your process and exceed your customer's expectations.

containers for lotions and balms


Empty Plastic Containers & Stock Packaging for CBD Products

As the alternative health industry continues to grow with the introduction of CBD products such as balms, so does the use of these CBD products throughout the U.S. These products matter to people; for many, it is one of the only over-the-counter remedies they can count on for any number of ailments. That is why stock packaging is critical, and why DISTRIBUPACK offers high-quality, superior-grade jars and containers for products within the CBD market. If you have CBD ingredients you’re looking to distribute and/or sell to market in some level of bulk, DISTRIBUPACK has the superior stock packaging options for you.


Plastic Containers, Jars, & Accessories for Packaging Lotions & Balms


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