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The home care industry continues to offer excellent established product choices like powders, creams, gels, and more that are composed of traditional formulas to tend to the household chores, while alternative formulas and products continue to enter the market place. At a time many are deeming critical for our environment, some folks are taking the initiative to switch to natural and more eco-friendly cleaning solutions. For those looking to package their traditional and/or natural cleaning solutions safely and for maximum shelf life, DISTRIBUPACK offers a wide range of plastic jars, containers, push-up sticks, and universal caps and lids. If you have creams, powders, pellets, beads, and more that you’re looking to package in some level of bulk, DISTRIBUPACK has you covered.

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Empty Plastic Containers for Home Care Products | Packaging & Storing Organic Cleaning Solutions

In addition to being eco-friendly, natural cleaning solutions are created with the intention to do their job without leaving behind any byproducts that have the potential to harm your family or pets. Companies who produce these solutions emphasize the fact that they are naturally derived and manufactured with sustainable practices. The ingredients in these products are typically non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for both the environment and your family’s health.

But as important as these solutions are, it’s equally as important to package them properly. DISTRIBUPACK will work with you to see that you get the package that works best for your particular product, organic or otherwise. We welcome traditional home care and cleaning companies to utilize DISTRIBUPACK’s corrosion-resistant plastic packaging solutions for their cleaning supplies and home care products.

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