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DISTRIBUPACK’s selection of plastic jars and containers has you covered for efficient stock packaging solutions that deal with a variety of product categories. Our wide array of containers and jars are similarly styled yet genuinely diversified, and can be used for packaging an array of product types, including cosmetic and personal care products, home care products, and more. Our two styles of product containers include:

  • Round Base Jar/Containers
  • Straight Base Jar/Containers

DISTRIBUPACK’s plastic jars and containers range in sizes as small as ¼ oz fill all the way up to an 8 oz jar. By offering various jar and container sizes, DISTRIBUPACK offers the ability to package a number of products, such as creams, lotions, oils, nutritional gummies, vitamins, and more.

Choosing The Right Plastic Product Packaging

Within our wide range of plastic packaging solutions, you can find containers that are perfectly suited for distributing your product to your target customers. You can begin doing so by reading further and browsing our complete product listing. Then, if you know exactly what you would like to buy, we will be ready to complete your order promptly. We will also be available to provide you with valuable advice on making the right purchasing decision if you are on the fence about what to order. We assist customers ranging from global brands with enormous quantity orders as well as startups who are placing their very first packaging order. This means we have the experience needed to work with you no matter where you are on your business journey.

Our containers can be available in sizes from 0.25oz up to 8.00oz, with various size increments in between. This means whether you are selling products designed for travel or long-lasting in-home use, at least one of our container sizes should be right for your business. Our stock colors that we typically have in stock for you to choose from are white, black, and natural. However, you can also choose to order round or straight base jars in a custom color/style as well as buy containers that are made from eco-friendly PCR plastic (which we will detail below). DISTRIBUPACK offers custom plastic packaging with quick delivery times, competitive prices, and low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) required.

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Round Base Plastic Product Packaging

DISTRIBUPACK offers superior quality round-base jars and containers for creams, lotions, superior-grade products, and other specialty applications. These round base jars and containers are perfect for hand lotions, face creams, CBD balms/lotions, multivitamins, pill containers, and more. Various capacity options are made available for you to order to meet your packaging needs. You can also choose to order round base jars alone or order as a full assembly including the plastic jar with corresponding lid option. For more information about our roundbase containers, please explore our full selection below, and request a quote today.

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Straight Base Plastic Container Options

In addition to our roundbase jars and containers, DISTRIBUPACK offers a variety of superior quality straight base jars and containers. These straight base containers are perfect for products such as balms, body lotions, hair care products, and many other functional applications. Various capacity options are available for you to order to meet your packaging needs. For more information about our straight base containers, please explore our full selection below, which includes standalone jars as well as full assembly plastic jar with corresponding lid option combos. Once you have done so, we invite you to request a quote today or place your first order.


Customize Your Plastic Packaging With DISTRIBUPACK

While the stock options that we offer may be perfect for your needs, we make the process of placing a custom plastic product packaging order simple. Before we tell you how to place your first customer order, we want to outline what aspects of our wholesale plastic packaging solutions you can customize. We make it easy to order round and straight base jars with custom colors, finishes, and other detailing. This means you can place an order that has your brand’s color scheme and more reflected on whichever containers you choose.

Customization can typically be done regardless of the container sizes you plan to buy, and we require very reasonable Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) to fulfill custom orders with fair set up fees and upgrade charges. To place your first customer order, you can take a few moments to complete our custom plastic product packaging order form. Once we receive and review your request, we will begin to put together a competitively priced quote factoring in the desired order quantity that you submit with your inquiry. If we need additional details or have advice that we think would help make your first custom order even more successful, we will reach out to discuss your needs prior to sending.


PCR Plastic Cosmetic Packaging for Eco-Friendly Consumers

You may not need a custom color or design for your plastic packing solution, but there is an additional option we want to describe in greater detail for our customers that have sustainability on their mind. We mentioned above that you can order plastic containers made from Post Consumer Resin (PCR) plastic, which is manufactured using a resin specially designed from materials/items that consumers have recycled. This environmentally friendly themed option can be ideal for a product that is branded around personal care. Many target audiences are conscious about shopping for sustainable products, which can make the sometimes slightly higher price of a PCR option more easy to justify. Our standard offerings that we stock are typically made of polypropylene materials, which is the most popular material used for plastic product packaging due to its proven features/benefits of sturdiness, attractiveness, and affordability. However, a PCR solution may be the better choice depending on your specific product/brand strategy and your customer base needs.

Contact us today if you are curious to learn more about PCR and receive assistance in determining whether it is right for your wholesale plastic packaging order.


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