Empty Plastic Jars and Containers for Health & Beauty Products

The market for personal care products is vast, extremely competitive, and ever-changing. Every year, consumers are looking for new ways to satisfy their health, beauty, and cosmetic needs. As a result, there are always new products and brands introduced each and every year, all looking to stand apart from the rest of the established competition. Speed to market is critical, and we can help you with a vital strategy for all your stock packaging needs.

DISTRIBUPACK has significant experience providing product manufacturers, brand owners, contract packers, and upstart businesses and entrepreneurs with wholesale packaging solutions that help them succeed in the marketplace. We appreciate the dynamics of each category, from consumer trends in cosmetics and skincare to retail demands in wellness and personal care. No matter your size, positioning, or packaging needs, we provide outstanding products, value, and service to simplify your process and exceed your expectations.

containers for personal care applications


Filling High Volume & Low Volume Cosmetic Stock Packaging Orders

DISTRIBUPACK’s existing stock items can be used to package health and beauty products such as antiperspirants, topical medications, cosmetic elements, and more. They are made from durable plastic and can be found in a variety of colors, including white, black, natural, or custom order options. Natural (clear) stock packaging improves visibility and showcases contents. They can include many different features and are paired with practical closures.

DISTRIBUPACK’s sticks and tubes are receptive to various product compositions, ensuring that deodorant sticks and product tubes protect contents and maximize product life. All of DISTRIBUPACK’s stock packaging product options are manufactured with FDA approved materials and the highest quality manufacturing processes in the industry.


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