Empty Deodorant Containers For Sale | Plastic Stock Packaging for Deodorant, CBD Balms, & More

If you are looking to efficiently package deodorant, a variety of CBD balms, and other similar solid content formulas, DISTRIBUPACK can analyze the product application you want to achieve and provide the best oval or round deodorant stick for your needs. Our wide array of plastic deodorant sticks are universally styled and specifically designed for each and every applicable market. They can be used for both deodorant and other specialized applications. These deodorant sticks fall into three central categories:

  • Oval Propel/Repel (Oval Push-Up)
  • Round Propel/Repel (Round Push-Up)
  • Gel Soft Solid Propel/Repel

DISTRIBUPACK’s plastic deodorant sticks and containers range in size and offer a variety of fill options, including both top-fill and bottom-fill.

Please note: top-fill units ship separately from their caps. Bottom-fill units ship with the cap pre-assembled.

deodorant packaging


Oval Propel/Repel Sticks for Solid Deodorant & CBD Product Stock Packaging

Our Oval Propel/Repel deodorant sticks are each designed with a distinct oval shape and several options available for fill weight custom selection. These fill weight custom selections include the choice between top-fill and bottom-fill, as well as the option for a top-fill mini oval Push-Up stick. When purchasing an Oval Propel/Repel container with top-fill capabilities, cap design is specific to the stick style selection. These units are commonly used for packaging solid deodorant. Oval Propel/Repel deodorant sticks with top fill capabilities typically range from .5 oz to 4 oz.

push-up sticks


Round Propel/Repel Sticks for Solid Deodorant, CBD Products, & More

Another of DISTRIBUPACK’s high-quality offerings is the Round Propel/Repel deodorant stick with a variety of standard and specialty applications. These round sticks are available as a top-fill with several options for fill weight custom selection, as well as round Push-Up offering. When purchasing a Round Push-Up container with top-fill capabilities, customers can select between either smooth or serrated cap subject to fill weight size of the barrel (stick). For more information about our Round Propel/Repel containers or Round Push-Ups, feel free to explore our full selection below and get a quote today. Round sticks and tubes typically range from .8 to 4.5 oz.

deodorant packaging


Gel Soft Solid Propel/Repel Sticks for Gel Deodorant

DISTRIBUPACK offers Gel Soft Solid deodorant sticks with high-quality propel/repel functions. This easy-to-use top-fill deodorant container is available in two convenient designs for your needs, a narrow-gel soft solid and a wide-gel soft solid. These units are commonly used to package gel soft solid deodorants as the contents are properly dispensed through the application source. Seal and label option for the application source is available upon request. When purchasing a Gel Soft Solid Propel/Repel container with top-fill capabilities, the narrow offering comes with a dome cap and the wide offering comes with a flat cap. To learn more about these variations, view our full selection of Gel Soft Solid Propel/Repel containers below. Gel Soft Solid Propel/Repel deodorant sticks with top fill capabilities typically range from .5 to 4 oz.


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My buying experience with DISTRIBUPACK was great. It was incredibly easy finding what I needed on the website. My packaging was delivered fast and the quality was fantastic. I will definitely continue using DISTRIBUPACK for all of my stock packaging needs. 11/10 experience.

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