4 Types of Empty Containers for Beauty Products: DISTRIBUPACK’S Beauty Bunch

Branden J. Kaczay
Mar. 8 2023

4 Types of Empty Containers for Beauty Products: DISTRIBUPACK'S Beauty Bunch

Do you need to order empty containers for beauty products? If so, DISTRIBUPACK has you covered with our four (4) featured items creatively called “The Beauty Bunch”! Before we outline these featured products, we think it will be valuable to describe what we mean when we refer to “beauty products”. Our definition might be even more expansive than you are thinking because our containers can handle products ranging from substances used to clean, improve, enhance, or alter the appearance of hair, skin, nail, or even tooth complexion. They can come in a wide range of application styles including skin balms, powders, lotions, make-up, and more. We also count grooming aids like deodorants, soaps, shampoos, lip balms, and more as beauty products that can reliably be distributed in our containers.

With beauty products now defined, we are ready to dive into discussing our Beauty Bunch. With four styles of empty containers for beauty products featured, including 1) deodorant, 2) lip balm, 3) round propel/repel & round push-up, and 4) jars, you can order the right one from DISTRIBUPACK to keep your customers looking amazing while enjoying your sought-after products time and time again.

Deodorant Containers and Narrow and Wide Gel Sticks with Top or Bottom Fill Design

The first style of beauty product containers that we want to introduce you to is our traditional oval deodorant sticks, which are among the most popular and most recognized container designs around the world. The deodorant tubes that we showcase offer a variety of design or function options to meet your specific needs including: either top or bottom fill style options, push-up function or propel/repel function, and many different applicator style options to accommodate the composition and texture of your product (solid, soft solid, gel, etc.). All of these deodorant containers are made with a durable plastic to protect your product and prevent leakage whether it be solid, soft solid, or gel based. While most commonly used to distribute traditional deodorants and antiperspirants, this member of our Beauty Bunch is not just limited to helping your customers smell great or perspire less. We have also had buyers successfully use these containers to sell skin balms, a variety of skincare products, sunscreens, and more.

Round Twist Sticks for Lip Balms, Sunscreens, and Travel Essentials

Any business selling lip balms and/or travel size essentials like sunscreens in TSA-approved sizes will want to consider our round twist sticks. These twist sticks make it easy for your beauty or personal care product customers to look and feel great even while traveling. Thanks to their simple application method and ease of storage, bringing the lip balms, sunscreens, and other travel necessities along for a trip can be an easy, enjoyable experience all while staying within the ounce restriction levels set by the TSA. We have the ability to supply large quantities of our round twist sticks with little to no lead time, so we can be counted on as a trusted resource for lip balm sticks and other round twist sticks. We make ordering empty containers for beauty products like our round twist sticks simple whether you prefer to place your order online or call us to ensure what you are buying is the perfect fit for your product.

Round Push-Up and Propel/Repel Sticks for Skincare Products, Soaps, Sunscreens, Deodorants

With an easy fill style and simple application style, our Round Push-Up Sticks and Round Propel/Repel Sticks can serve a wide variety of purposes and make life simple and straight forward for your end customers. From traditionally applied deodorants and sunscreens to soaps and skincare products, this member of our Beauty Bunch is perfect for personal care in both style and function. While these round push-up containers and round propel/repel containers are designed to be useful in function by default, they also offer a stylish look that is generally accepted by consumers for practicality with a sense of security knowing that the contents of the container will be readily available on command. The round design feature allows for the right grip for ease of use on a variety of product applications. If you would like to determine if these round push-up sticks and propel/repel sticks will be the best option we offer for empty containers for your personal care and/or beauty products, contact us for complimentary advice and recommendations to help guarantee that the containers you order are the right fit for you.

Empty Plastic Jars for Skin Lotions, Powders, Body Gels, and Hair Products

When it comes to containers for personal care and/or beauty products, our empty plastic jars are among the most versatile. Our customers have found them ideal for beauty products like powders and hair waxes as well as skin lotions and body gels. The versatility of the use cases for our plastic jars is best seen in the variety of the sizes, styles, and designs that we offer, which allows them to serve as the distribution vessel for a near endless range of personal care products. Skin lotions and balms, powders, gels, and an array of hair products work best when offered in a jar since the consumer has come to inherently understand the process involved with using the formula/ingredients/product that is contained within that type of container. If you have a product or an idea for a product that requires empty containers for beauty products with many options, our jars might be the ideal solution and you can contact us to learn more or read product descriptions on our site.

DISTRIBUPACK’s Beauty Bunch Offers Diverse Solutions for Distributing Beauty Products

If your company is in the personal care space and is looking to begin a relationship with a trusted distributor of empty containers for beauty products, DISTRIBUPACK offers unmatched customer service, competitive prices, and reliable delivery times even on customized orders. Speaking of customization, we want you to know that you can order some of our containers in environmentally friendly Post Consumer Resin (PCR) with modest minimum order quantity requirements dependent upon the particular package. Post Consumer Resin helps to reduce and reuse plastic waste by turning it into useful products like empty beauty containers. As a standard, most of our stock packaging is manufactured using polypropylene with some components, such as the platforms inside of deodorant tubes, being made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), but PCR options are available. As we have detailed above, our containers are diverse in their sizes, shapes, and application methods making at least one solution ideal for nearly any personal care or beauty product application. We invite you to order from us today so you and your customers can experience the benefits of DISTRIBUPACK containers and our “Beauty Bunch”.

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