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Branden J. Kaczay
Aug. 8 2023
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Buy Plastic Twist Up Balm Sticks Online from a Trusted Distributor

Are you looking for the right distributor to buy plastic twist up balm sticks from in wholesale quantities at fair prices? Businesses large and small across the United States and throughout the world trust DISTRIBUPACK to supply them with durable and easy to use plastic containers, and our balm sticks are an especially popular offering that can fulfill a lot of needs. On this page and throughout our website, you can learn about the plastic twist up balm sticks that we sell and what makes them ideal for a vast variety of product categories and types.

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Seamless Twist Up Balm Functionality is Something Customers Will Know Intuitively

No matter if you are introducing a new and unique balm product type or if the product is another take on something that already exists in the market, it is often best to provide the end user with a tried-and-true method of applying it. Our twist up balm sticks are the ideal container for balms. The durable tube and easy to twist screw are both made of polypropylene while the inside platform base is made of HDPE, so your customers will never struggle to use your balm(s). The twist style of our balm sticks is ideal because it makes it easy for users to propel (up) and repel (down) the contents for seamless application followed by convenient storage. The inside platform base acts as a type of “elevator” moving the inside contents up and down at the user's control with the twist/turn motions of the circular dial (screw) at the bottom of the container. Adding to the benefit of the durable and easy to use design of these plastic sticks is that the materials that they are made from can easily protect your product during shipping and/or everyday consumer usage. Whether you are shipping your goods to stores or sending them directly to customers, our containers are designed to keep everything inside safe during transport as well as during use.

Plastic Balm Containers Can be Used to Distribute Lip Balm, Sunscreen, CBD Products, and More

While we commonly refer to the smaller twist style containers as lip balm sticks, the utilization options for these convenient twist style containers, with various fill size options, goes far beyond lip applications. We work with customers that have successfully used these plastic twist style sticks for their wall repair products, sunscreens, CBD-based goods, and so much more. If you have a consumer product that can be applied in a similar fashion as a traditional balm, you can consider using these containers with confidence. Additionally, if you are unsure as to whether they will be the right one for your product (because of the formula, texture, or consistency of your ingredients) feel free to contact DISTRIBUPACK to have an informative conversation and seek our advice on the best plastic container to order from us based on your specific product and its intended user(s).

Easily Fill Our Empty Twist Style Balm Sticks with Your Product

One way in which our balm sticks are flexible in the products they are used for is that they make pouring a range of ingredients and solutions inside easy. Being made of polypropylene allows these plastic sticks to withstand very high temperature pours as your contents are filling the container. These sticks are manufactured with a straightforward top-fill design, so you simply pour your product in at the opening on the top of the container. The contents that you are pouring in are received by the preset HDPE base, which allows for you to fill confidently to your desired fill amount based on the designated fill size that you purchase from us. It is really that simple!

Buy Twist Style Balm Sticks with Caps or Without Caps

At DISTRIBUPACK we believe in a business environment that focuses on flexibility that goes beyond the possible use cases for our plastic balm sticks. Another way we make ordering easy for our customers to purchase exactly what they need is by offering these plastic stick style containers with the option to be purchased with caps or without caps. If you have an alternative capping idea or if you already have an excess of plastic caps that work with our balm stick size that you intend to order, you can buy the stick on a standalone basis in wholesale quantities without the cap. Alternatively, you can place an order for full assembly balm sticks with the caps included that will perfectly fit the sticks to protect your product.

Our Twist Up Balm Sticks Come with Fill Sizes Ranging from .15oz - 4.50z

Although you may associate lip balm sticks with fill sizes in the .15oz range when you hear the phrase “twist up balm sticks”, we provide both round and oval sticks for all types of balms with fill capacities ranging from .15oz up to 4.50oz. If you want your customers to have an easy time twisting your product up and down but have something else that you want to distribute such as a deodorant or household products, our containers make for a great option. The durable plastic material that we manufacture these sticks out of can handle both high and low temperature swings of just about any consumer product you can imagine. This presents you with nearly limitless possibilities for ways to use these containers to get your product in the hands of the end users.

If you are curious about whether your product would be well served by our twist style balm sticks, please contact DISTRIBUPACK to discuss your needs and get guidance prior to placing your order.

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