Learn Where to Buy Empty Deodorant Tubes

Branden J. Kaczay
Feb. 8 2023
Empty Deodorant Containers

Learn Where to Buy Empty Deodorant Tubes for Great Prices

By the time you finish reading this brief piece you will have benefited from learning where to buy empty deodorant tubes. DISTRIBUPACK is a trusted distributor of superior quality deodorant packaging that we sell in popular sizes at affordable prices. We are the ideal empty deodorant tube distributor for companies large and small. We make placing your startup's first order of standard or customized empty deodorant tubes easy, and we are also relied upon by large corporations to deliver high volumes of deodorant tubes with reliable consistency and the fastest delivery times in the industry. By reading on you will be able to learn more about the propel plastics that we offer and how we can serve your company’s needs for deodorant stick wholesale ordering.

Searching Online for “Empty Deodorant Tubes Near Me”? You Have Found Your Source

If you have been searching the internet for empty deodorant tubes near me and have been struggling to find the perfect distributor, you can end your search now. At DISTRIBUPACK we are a deodorant tube wholesaler offering propel plastics with low minimum order requirements, even on customized orders. We have been trusted by companies across the country and throughout the world to provide the empty deodorant containers needed to package and sell their products to consumers and scale their businesses. From “mom-and-pop” operations with a new deodorant product that needs guidance about quality packaging to large corporations with high order quantities, DISTRIBUPACK can serve as a reliable and low-cost wholesale deodorant stick supplier.

Ordering Deodorant Packaging from DISTRIBUPACK Guarantees Quality and Consistency

Thanks to our team overseeing the production for all of our deodorant packaging, we can guarantee the quality of every deodorant tubes wholesale order that you place with us. The quality of our deodorant packaging begins with the materials used to produce them. By default, these plastic injection molded containers have a stick/barrel made of polypropylene and a platform made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE plastic). While these materials are excellent for distributing deodorant/antiperspirant products, if your brand is looking for a more sustainable deodorant stick solution, we have you covered for that option as well. To accomplish this, you can place a customized order for deodorant containers that are alternatively made instead with recycled Post Consumer Resin (PCR) material.

Whether you opt for a standard order or a customized solution, you can place it expecting prompt delivery and the unbeatable quality you and your customers deserve.

Both Our Top Fill Deodorant Tubes and Bottom Fill Deodorant Tubes Offer Easy Filling

No matter the filling style you need or prefer for a deodorant container, both Top Fill and Bottom Fill options make it easy to fill and package for both mass distribution channels or direct sale to consumers. The top fill design allows for a simple, straight, straight forward direct pour of the formula into the deodorant container, which produces a flattened top appearance. The bottom fill design is a slightly more advanced filling method that involves a two (2) hole process in the bottom of the deodorant container, which produces a domed/rounded top appearance.

Deodorant Tubes Wholesale Ordering Can Be Done in a Wide Range of Sizes

When ordering deodorant tubes wholesale from DISTRIBUPACK, you will have tremendous flexibility in choosing what to buy to meet your needs. Not only do we distribute deodorant sticks in a diverse range of popular sizes that consumers will be familiar with, but we also offer them with matching cap options for a complete set (which we call “full assemblies”). Whether you have been searching online for “empty deodorant containers near me”, in search of deodorant sticks alone, or want to find deodorant stick and cap combos to order together, we have you covered. A breakdown of our extensive array of available sizes is as follows:

Please note that all of the top fill sizes can be purchased either as sticks alone or as full assemblies with matching caps included, and the bottom fill can be purchased as a full assembly with the stick, cap, dome, and plugs all included (as all components will be needed to achieve the bottom filling style). 

We want you to contact us today for helpful advice or to place your first order using our easy to navigate website so that you can end your search for empty deodorant containers, caps, and more. Top fill deodorant containers, bottom fill deodorant containers, narrow gel deodorant containers, wide gel deodorant containers, and more are available to meet your container needs.

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