DISTRIBUPACK Has a Track Record of Plastic Container Customer Success

DISTRIBUPACK Has a Track Record of Plastic Container Customer Success

DISTRIBUPACK is a Plastic Container Supplier with a History of Customer Success

Finding a reliable distributor of plastic containers for your products can feel like a challenge. However, if you buy from DISTRIBUPACK you will gain access not only to superior quality plastic containers for products ranging from deodorants to lip balms and beyond, but also valuable advice and guidance when requested. 

We are a customer-focused plastic container distributor that has helped companies from startups to global brands meet their customers' needs. In this post we will provide examples of customer success stories where our team was able to provide meaningful advice and deliver plastic containers on time for orders large and small. Regardless of order size, most of our superior quality products will ship within 1-3 business days, which is an industry leading timeframe. 

At DISTRIBUPACK, we listen to our customer’s unique back story to form a deep understanding of our customer’s vision for their product(s) as well as the direction they hope to see them go. This information coupled with our knowledge and analytics tools allow us to help customers identify the appropriate stock packaging for their product’s intended functionality and overall appearance. We conduct market research and can make recommendations for ways to take advantage of industry trends to increase product sales. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best customer pleasing packaging possible using both qualitative and quantitative factors.

If you would like to team up with DISTRIBUPACK to work together to create another success story, you can contact us today to discuss your container needs and receive a competitively priced quote for your first order. Or, you can order online seamlessly on our easy to navigate website. 


Here for Helpful Suggestions on a First Container Order for New Businesses

If you are a personal care, household product, CBD, or a creator in the vast amount of industries that is just starting a business, DISTRIBUPACK is the ideal plastic container distributor to buy from. When placing your first product order, the process can seem daunting. It may be difficult to assess container quality, the quantity and fill size of containers your products need, and other aspects such as the shape and application style of container that will best suit your target customers. Thankfully, these aspects and other parts of the ordering process can be made clear with our help, and you are not alone if you may require some assistance to get started. 

We recently received an email from a prospective customer interested in ordering Round Push-Up Sticks and Caps. This was a brand-new business that wanted to better understand the online ordering process as well as seek assistance in assessing which quantity they should order. We worked with them to understand their product and used the best shipping calculation tools to estimate an ideal first order quality. This work ultimately saved our customer 30% in shipping costs when compared to other online stock packaging distributors. Since we worked with this customer directly, we sent them an Email Order Link instead of having them use our online order tool. This added to their comfort in taking the first steps, knowing their ordering relationship with us would be correct from the very start. Our goal is to make ordering simple, affordable, and efficient so you can focus more on getting your product into the end user’s hands.


Solving Urgent Problems for Our Plastic Container Customers Is a DISTRIBUPACK Specialty

Among the many benefits of buying from DISTRIBUPACK is our ability to work with urgency to solve your plastic container ordering challenges. An example of us putting our problem-solving skill set to use came after we heard from a prospective customer whose existing vendor lacked the inventory of the plastic deodorant sticks that they needed. Their vendor was expecting to be out of stock for a minimum of 120 days due to issues with their overseas supplier shipments. Thanks to DISTRIBUPACK’s strategic planning,  we had a large inventory in stock of products made in America and readily available to ship. 

To determine if our inventory would solve their problem, we listened to the customer’s needs and viewed pictures of their products. Our broad inventory of in stock items enabled us to meet their needs with plastic deodorant sticks that matched the exact desired fill size, and we shipped the quantity they needed the very next day. To expand on this solution, we then were able to schedule in a production run to plan for their upcoming sales projections that their existing vendor could not meet to ensure that their problem would not arise again. 

We continued reliably serving this customer for a year and eventually earned the opportunity to become their primary, and now exclusive supplier of deodorant sticks and caps. The DISTRIBUPACK team is ready to act if sudden needs arise!


Using Data to Help a Pet Product Company Expand Their Product Offering 

A repeat customer in the pet care product industry had been offering a single size container for their balm product, which DISTRIBUPACK had been reliably supplying. Following a year of great growth in sales of this product, our team decided to conduct some market research as a value-added service. While this work was not requested directly by the customer, it resulted in our determining that given this customer’s industry there was a strong opportunity for success if they were to offer smaller travel-size containers and trial-size containers (the single size they had been offering was a .75oz Round Propel/Repel balm container).

Given the intended use of their product being on pet paws, noses, and more, our research suggested that a small size that could be taken along on walks and travel would prove valuable. The customer agreed with our analysis and decided to order .14oz/.15oz balm containers and add this size to their product offering. After just six months on the market, this new container size option was selling nearly as well as the original .75oz option. The best part of this growth was that customer continued to buy the larger size as well, using the two sizes as complements rather than alternatives to each other. When ordering from DISTRIBUPACK you can expect value that goes far beyond the great containers and caps that we sell.


Global Brands Trust DISTRIBUPACK to Reliably Supply Their Plastic Product Containers

It is a testament to our ability to deliver orders on time that global brands rely upon DISTRIBUPACK for their plastic container orders. We have been able to serve mid to large size businesses with their plastic container orders that range well into the hundreds of thousands, some of which can also include custom colors, labels, and more. Our business is built around our superior quality containers coupled with a customer-centric focus that helps ensure every order we receive is delivered on time, sold for a fair price, and absolute attention to detail for our customer's requirements. 

Though we are always willing to help and advise on even the smallest orders, our easy to navigate website makes ordering online simple for businesses that know exactly what containers they need and the quantity that they require. We take great care to ensure that our website provides a user-friendly experience that allows for seamless ordering that requires nothing more than a few clicks without any calls or emails necessary. 

Whether you decide to order plastic containers directly through our website or need to contact us via email or phone for assistance on deciding which containers to buy, we want to make your relationship with DISTRIBUPACK a major success story!

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