Empty Tubes for Rub On Ski and Snowboard Wax

Branden J. Kaczay
Oct. 8 2023
Empty Tubes for Rub On Ski and Snowboard Wax

Winter is coming up, making now the perfect time to order the empty tubes you need for your ski and snowboard wax. The right plastic tube from DISTRIBUPACK will make selling your winter sport wax easier than ever. It will also allow your customers to apply the rub on wax consistently both on or off the slopes. To determine if we are the right distributor of empty tubes for rub on ski and snowboard wax, contact us for a discussion or simply read further to acquaint yourself with our offerings.

Order Empty Ski Wax Tubes

DISTRIBUPACK Tubes Make Selling Ski and Snowboard Wax Easier

We aim to help our buyers focus on making their ski and snowboard wax products easy to sell and very easy to use. By selling durable plastic tubes that are ideal for rub on wax applications and shipping them on time, DISTRIBUPACK can play a vital role in your overall product presentation. We aim to earn the opportunity to be your go-to supplier of plastic tubes that you use to distribute your wax product(s) in. As we will note below, we serve as a resource to companies of all sizes, and we have the ability to become your resource for either a first time/one-off plastic tube order or repeat/high-volume shipments.

Find the Right Functionality and Size Fillable Tubes for Your Ski and Snowboard Wax

We offer both the Push-Up functionality option as well as the Propel/Repel functionality option in our round tube product line up with fill volumes ranging from .15oz to 4.50oz, so we are confident one or more of our plastic tube options will be right for your snowboard and ski wax. The lower end of this fill size spectrum (.15oz) is typically ideal if you want to offer samples to prospective customers or for you customers to have a small, “on the go” size option. The larger sizes are of course great for more thorough and detailed application sessions that require greater amounts of your waxes or balms. The push-up functionality style is available in the fill volume options of 2.50oz, 2.75oz, or 3.00oz. The propel/repel functionality style is available in the fill volume options of .15oz, 2.20oz, 3.00oz, or 4.50oz.

If you have been selling winter sports wax products for a while, you likely have a good idea of how these plastic tube styles and sizes look. On the other hand, if you are new to the business, we will gladly walk you through common uses and offer additional empty tube options for your consideration such as traditional oval tubes.

The Perfect Durable Plastic Tube for Your Cold Weather Wax Products

Although your winter sports wax product may be applied to skis and snowboards indoors, it is crucial that its container can also handle harsh outdoor environments. By manufacturing our tubes primarily with polypropylene plastic, you can trust that it will be able to handle even high impact use cases and rough temperature fluctuations.

Order Empty Tubes for Ski and Snowboard Wax in Low or High Quantities

DISTRIBUPACK is your plastic container source for your first order as well as high quantity needs for empty tubes for ski wax product application. We have successfully served the plastic tube ordering needs of customers ranging from startups to locally focused “mom and pop shops” all the way up to global corporations. No matter where you find yourself in your company’s lifecycle, DISTRIBUPACK is a distributor of empty rub on tubes that your winter sport product business can rely on.

From assisting with an initial order to helping you ship wax products to tens of thousands (all the way up to millions) of customers, our team can help and will always do so promptly along the way.

Customers Who Love the Outdoors Love Being Eco-Friendly

Something we know about customers who use products made for outdoor use like ski and snowboard wax is that they care about the environment. While optional, we have an especially eco-friendly solution that you can use to boost customer loyalty and satisfaction. By ordering empty tubes for rub on ski and snowboard wax in PCR (Post Consumer Resin) plastic instead of our standard Polypropylene, you can offer your wax product in a recycled plastic container. Reuse is a key to making recycling a viable solution to reduce plastic waste and PCR tubes are a great example of how plastics can be reused for something positive. Plus, PCR is still durable and able to withstand temperature fluctuations, making it a perfect container material for wax products. Contact us to request more information and to learn about the minimum order quantities required for PCR options.

Order Tubes for Ski and Snowboard Wax in a More Tailored or Customized Style

DISTRIBUPACK is a distributor of stock packaging, which means we typically have our product offerings already in inventory in the color and fill sizes available at any given time. Standard in stock colors include White, Black, and Natural, so it makes ordering your preferred quantity in a standard, uniformed color online especially easy. However, we also want you to be aware that DISTRIBUPACK makes tailoring orders just as easy by simply mixing and matching different color sticks with different color caps. For example, you can tailor your product look by ordering a natural stick with a white cap or another example is ordering a white stick with a black cap. This mixing of standard, in stock color options truly does provide a subtle “tailored” feel that helps your product appearance stand out.

There are also many ways you can choose to make our plastic tubes more specifically reflect your brand image such as opting for a non-standard, customized color or by choosing to include a custom label (both have minimum order requirements). If you think a more customized order will be right for your needs, contact us to begin a discussion. We welcome the opportunity to outline our complete suite of customization options and help you select the best one(s) for your product.

Whether you choose to order a standard/one color option, a tailored/mix & match color option, or  a more customized option, we will provide superior products and fast service to fulfill your needs for empty tubes for rub on ski and snowboard wax!

Order Empty Tubes For Ski/Snowboard Wax

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