How to Choose the Best Caps for Your Products | Distribupack

How to Choose the Best Caps for Your Products | Distribupack

Choosing the Best Plastic Caps, Lids, & Closures for Your Products

Here at DISTRIBUPACK, we offer a wide selection of plastic caps and lids for a variety of jars, bottles, and containers. Choosing the right one for your product can be a bit overwhelming. We’ve broken down everything you need to know to make the process of finding the right one a bit easier for you.

Before getting into the specifics of which cap to choose for your product, take a moment to think about what you’re looking for. Do you want something sleek and stylish or something more standard and traditional? Does your brand already have a specific look and feel that might inform your selection?

Keep in mind that whatever you choose should fit both in terms of function and appearance. Functionally, it should do its job of keeping your product sealed safely in its container while simultaneously making it easily accessible to your customer. Aesthetically, it should draw the attention of your customers and align with your company’s identity and overall look.

Types of Plastic Caps, Lids, & Closures

In general, our caps, lids, and closures are organized into four (4) categories, each of which has a unique set of properties that makes them a good match for traditional oval deodorant sticks, round deodorant sticks/stain sticks/lip balm tubes, specific or general jars, as well as various types of containers, bottles, tubes, and more. These categories are:
Deodorant Caps (Top Fill Oval Caps, Bottom Fill Oval Caps, Narrow Gel Caps, Wide Gel Caps, Mini Oval Push-Up Caps)
Round Propel/Repel & Round Push-Up Caps (Round Deodorant Caps, Stain Stick Caps, Lip Balm Caps, etc.)
Jar Caps (Straight Caps, Classic Caps, Dome Caps, Domical Caps)
Other Caps, Lids, & Closures (Container Caps, Bottle Caps, Tube Caps, etc.)

Deodorant Caps

The traditional oval deodorant cap varieties include the following options:

Each traditional oval deodorant cap variety has a look and function that is ideally compatible with each designated stick/tube style option. These traditional oval deodorant caps are “friction fit”/ “snap-on fit” to allow for maximum product content protection while at the same time offering an easy to use, consumer friendly experience.

Round Propel/Repel & Round Push-Up Caps

Round propel/repel and round push-up caps are used with sticks/tubes that are circular in shape, such as lip balms, stain sticks, round deodorant sticks, and more. These caps include the following options:

Round propel/repel caps and round push-up caps are similar to the traditional oval caps used for deodorants in that each cap has a look and function that is ideally compatible with each designated round propel/repel or round push-up stick/tube style option. The main difference being their shape, as these are round as opposed to oval. These caps can either be of the screw-on/twist-on or snap-on/friction fit variety, with the cap attachment style depending on the designated stick/tube of which it is compatible. The round propel/repel sticks/tubes and the round push-up sticks/tubes are strategically designed and paired with the ideal cap for the best fit, function, and performance accordingly.

Jar Caps

Jar caps are available in the the five following style options:

Each of these style options are functionally the same. They are threaded caps, meaning they screw on to create a tight seal, and are commonly used for storing cosmetics, creams, and lotions.

The main difference between these jar caps is in their appearance: straight caps have a low profile and are sleek with straight edges. Classic caps are straight in design as well, but with a taller, more pronounced profile. Dome caps, as their name implies, have a more rounded and dome-like shape. Domical caps are something of a combination of the other three, with the straight sides of a classic or straight cap, slight rounding toward the top similar to the dome caps, and then a differentiating flatter profile at the peak than a true dome cap.

Other Caps, Lids, & Closures

The last category listed above is more of a mixed bag that includes a wider variety of caps. This includes threaded lids, such as screw-on/twist-on caps for jars or containers (food containers, hand sanitizer bottles, etc.), non-threaded lids, such as pop-on or snap-on tops for products like lip balms or deodorants, and even varieties that have specific function features (flip top caps, etc.). The following are just some of the categories included:

Container Caps
Bottle Caps
Tube Caps

When choosing a lid for your container, bottle, tube, or jar, determine which style from the list above best fits your product objective. Additionally, if applicable to your product packaging, make sure you choose the correct dimensions as specific types of caps may even come in sizes and styles that can be referenced as two (2) numbers in a format such as the example: 24/410. The first number refers to the diameter of the cap (typically in millimeters) and corresponding finish diameter, while the second number refers to the height and thread configuration of the closure or finish. Some caps may only reference the diameter in the format (typically millimeters shown as “mm”).

Threaded vs. Non-Threaded Caps

Determining whether you want a threaded or non-threaded cap begins with understanding what type of product you sell. Threaded caps, as mentioned above, are able to be screwed on tightly to typically create an airtight and secure seal. Non-threaded caps do not screw on, and simply pop on and off with a friction fit or snap-on fit. .
Each of these cap styles has its own benefits. Threaded lids provide a more secure seal by design, which is ideal for preventing spills or leakage. This means that if you sell a more liquid type product, such as a lotion, cream, or other type of cosmetic, you’d likely want to use a threaded cap.

Non-threaded caps, on the other hand, provide a simpler and more convenient cap that can pop on and off simply to be removed more easily. This is more useful for products that are used frequently and do not pose the same type of leakage risk. For example, a non-threaded lid would be ideal for a tube of lip balm.

Find The Right Cap Today

When deciding on the best plastic cap, lid, or closure for your product, remember to keep in mind that in addition to picking something that fits your brand aesthetically, you want something that is functional and convenient for a customer. Be sure to choose a cap with the correct dimensions, and determine whether a threaded or non-threaded cap would be best.

DISTRIBUPACK offers a wide selection of plastic caps and lids to suit your needs. Browse our collection to find the right caps to properly package your products, or contact us to assist in your caps, lids, and closures search efforts!

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