Order Wholesale Plastic Lip Balm Containers from DISTRIBUPACK

Order Wholesale Plastic Lip Balm Containers from DISTRIBUPACK

Order Wholesale Plastic Lip Balm Containers and Balm Containers from DISTRIBUPACK In a Wide Range of Quantities

At DISTRIBUPACK you can find the plastic lip balm containers and balm containers you need to distribute your quality products whether you are an established brand in need of a high quantity container order or a startup placing your first order. DISTRIBUPACK offers wholesale plastic lip balm and balm containers in diverse sizes and attractive stock designs with no minimum order quantity (MOQ), and we also offer the ability to manufacture customized solutions with reasonable minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements. All of the solutions mentioned in this article are designed with a seamless top fill design, making the pouring process simple to fill your product.

You can read on to learn more about our round wholesale plastic lip balm containers and what other loyal DISTRIBUPACK customers have utilized them for. Alternatively, feel free to order online or contact us to place an order if you know what you need and want it delivered promptly!

Order Round Wholesale Lip Balm Containers and Other Balm Containers in Multiple Sizes

No matter the size of the balm container you are seeking, you should be able to easily find it available for order on our website. Our propel/repel containers can also be called twist style lip balm sticks or twist style balm sticks. We offer these in fill volumes ranging from .14/.15oz to 4.50oz and our round push-up sticks come in sizes ranging from 2.00oz to 3.00oz. Thanks to these diverse size ranges and functionality options, our stock packaging products can serve as the perfect containers for a pocket chapstick or balm product up to larger at-home balms and everything in between. If you are unfamiliar with how our available plastic stick size line up compares with standard container sizes that common consumer goods are typically sold in (such as commercially available lip balms), we will be happy to provide useful examples when you contact us. With our recommendations and expert advice, choosing the right container type and size for your order will be simple and straight forward.

DISTRIBUPACK Lip Balm Containers and Balm Containers Come in Both Push-Up and Propel/Repel Styles

Not only do we offer our balm containers in a wide range of useful sizes, but DISTRIBUPACK also sells these popular containers with either push-up or twist (propel/repel) functionality. While both types of containers work well for various applications, we want to provide flexibility and options for you to determine how your product ships and functions for the ideal experience by the end user of your product. What makes both push-up and twist styles so convenient is that most, if not all, of your customers will naturally know how they work, which will help to avoid any frustrations with them being able to enjoy your quality products.

Buy Lip Balm Containers or Balm Containers for Your CBD Product Through DISTRIBUPACK

If your business is in the burgeoning CBD industry, finding the right container to distribute your CBD infused balms will play a vital part in its success. With our wide range of round balm containers that come with either twist (propel/repel) or push-up functionality, finding the right container for your product will be easy with us. Whether you want to browse our expansive inventory of available containers or if you want our expert advice, DISTRIBUPACK is the right wholesale CBD balm container distributor for your business. We serve companies ranging from global personal care brands to CBD startups, and we have the quality containers in the quantities you need with all designed for easy top fill capabilities.

DISTRIBUPACK is the wholesaler to choose if you are looking to scale your business with the help of a thoughtful, reliable distributor of CBD containers.

Use Round Balm Containers for Distributing Putty, Home Patchwork Products, and More

Our customers are not only creative when developing their popular products, but also when choosing how to distribute them. Although our wholesale plastic balm containers are typically used for lip balms, lipsticks, sunscreens, and other products meant for direct human application, they have proved versatile enough to do so much more. For example, we have customers who have found them to be the right containers for putties, home patchwork products, and other useful home repair goods.

When wholesale plastic lip balm containers and balm containers are as well manufactured as those for sale through DISTRIBUPACK, the possibilities for effective use are endless. We invite you to place your order online today or contact us to discuss your needs and determine the best round containers for your lip balm products, balm products, and more.