Learn Where to Buy Plastic Stock Packaging for Consumer Products at Great Prices

Branden J. Kaczay
Apr. 8 2023

Do you have an amazing new consumer product and need to find out where to buy plastic stock packaging to distribute it in? At DISTRIBUPACK we sell a variety of plastic tubes and caps that are designed to allow for easy filling, secure shipping, and seamless use by your end customers. We have extensive experience helping new businesses select the right plastic stock packaging for consumer products, so you can contact us not just to place a first order but to also receive helpful guidance throughout each step of the process. While we look forward to hearing from you, we have put together useful information below that can help you understand more about the many plastic tubes and caps we sell and how ordering the right type and quantity can set your business up for success.

Consider the Following Questions Before Ordering

If you are seeking to ensure you win repeat business and generate valuable word of mouth advertising from customers of your new product, it will be helpful to ask yourself a couple of questions before placing your first container order. Two (2) examples of these important questions to ask yourself are: 1) how will the product actually be used by the consumer (manner, application style, frequency, etc.) and 2) what fill size allows for the best overall experience for the consumer (function wise, time wise, grip wise, etc.)? The answers to these questions are imperative to getting started and will certainly help guide you down the right path to providing a great final product to your end users. Starting with these two (2) important factors will allow you to gauge your needs, which in turn, will help you narrow down your options for which plastic stick or tube style might be best out of the options we offer on our website. And don’t forget, if you don’t see something that you want listed on our website, let us know so that we can go to work and try to source that for you.

Plus, to make your shopping experience even easier, we invite you to contact us to help determine what the right answers may be for you. We have helped startup businesses like yours assess their needs, and we will be able to work with you to ensure that the plastic tubes and caps that you order from us are those best suited to you and your customers’ needs. With such a diverse range of sizes and shapes, there is no shortage of options and opportunities to find plastic containers that are perfect for your new or existing product. And nearly all orders of in stock items will ship within 1-3 business days!

Your New Products Need Easy to Fill Containers with Durable Caps, We Have Both

No matter how you plan to distribute your product, it is crucial to make sure that the containers you sell it in will be durable and easy to use. Thankfully, you can expect both from any stock or custom containers you purchase from DISTRIBUPACK. The stick/barrel portion and the associated caps of the stock containers we sell are typically made of polypropylene and when in propel/repel tube form, their platforms are typically made of HDPE plastic. These low-cost materials provide durability and heat resistance that make a high temp product pour simple. Depending on the containers that you order, they will come with either a top fill or bottom fill design. You can contact us to discuss the features and benefits of both options and to get help determining which will best suit your product.

Fill style aside, while our default plastics are a great option, if your product could benefit from being sold in a sustainable container, we have you covered with our optional Post Consumer Resin (PCR) containers. PCR is a recycled plastic material that can be perfect for a company that is promoting sustainability as one of their brand values. When placing your order (with Minimum Order Quantities met), you can opt for a PCR material to be used in a scheduled production run. Whether you decide to order our stock PP (withHDPE) containers/caps or our sustainable PCR containers/caps, you can be confident that you will receive containers that will ship safely and provide your customers with a straightforward way to use your product.

Work With a Plastic Container Distributor Who Can Help You Scale Your Business

DISTRIBUPACK is the go-to source for plastic stock containers and caps for consumer products in both low and high volumes/quantities. This means that you can place everything ranging from your first stock packaging order all the way up to orders well into the tens of thousands. With our ability to meet such a wide range of order quantities, you can choose us as your plastic container distributor for your new business knowing we will be able to continue serving you as your business grows. Whether that means larger orders, custom packaging needs, or containers in different sizes and styles, DISTRIBUPACK is here to help your consumer product business reach its full potential.

Examples of the Plastic Containers and Sizes You Can Order Here for Competitive Prices

Though you can seamlessly browse our easy to navigate website and explore the entire breadth of our offering, we want you to be familiar with some of the most popular stock containers for consumer products that we sell. These Include:

  • Top Fill Oval Deodorant Sticks (propel/repel) - Sampler: .50oz, .75oz, and 1.00oz
  • Top Fill Oval Deodorant Sticks (propel/repel) - TRUE2: 1.25oz, 1.50oz, 1.75oz, 2.00oz
  • Top Fill Oval Deodorant Sticks (propel/repel) - Standard: 1.75oz, 2.00oz, 2.25oz, 2.50oz
  • Top Fill Oval Deodorant Sticks (propel/repel) - Bonus: 2.25oz, 2.50oz, 2.75oz, 3.00oz
  • Top Fill Oval Deodorant Sticks (propel/repel) - Super Bonus: 2.75oz, 3.00oz, 3.25oz, 3.50oz
  • Mini Oval Push-Up Sticks - .50oz, .75oz, 1.00oz
  • Lip Balm and Round Propel/Repel Stick (propel/repel):  .15oz, .75oz, 2.20oz, 3.00oz, 4.50oz
  • Round Push-Up Sticks: 2.50oz, 2.75oz, 3.00oz
  • Straight Base Jars: .25oz, .50oz, 1.00oz, 2.00oz, 3.00oz, 4.00oz, 6.00oz, 8.00oz
  • Round Base Jars: .50oz, 1.00oz, 2.00oz, 4.00oz, 8.00oz

These various sticks, tubes, and jars can come with a range of caps designed to offer flexibility in how your product looks and is used. You will see each container's associated cap listed on the page under “You May Also Need”. Also, we want to emphasize that you can purchase any of these containers as full assemblies with caps included or just as a stick, tube, or jar sold alone. If you are curious to learn the range of caps that you can consider choosing for your containers, contact us for a knowledgeable discussion.

Benefit from Our Guidance When Placing Your First Consumer Product Container Order

The only thing that matches the superior quality of our containers and caps is the superior quality of our experience and advice. When you order plastic stock containers for consumer products from DISTRIBUPACK, you can ask us questions and seek help in understanding the options we make available to determine which one or ones will be best for your product distribution needs. We love adding a personal touch to orders and providing unbeatable service to help set up customers like you for success, so do not hesitate to reach out for an informative conversation prior to your first order or at any time during the process!

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