High Quality Mini Oval Push-Up Deodorant Containers Available

Our mini push-up deodorant containers are of superior quality and can be provided with a quick turnaround whether you are looking for a low volume or high volume order. Oval push-up deodorant containers are particularly popular for a range of deodorant applications and can work for both standard and specialized high-grade packaging solutions. The mini oval push-up deodorant stick/cap design and function are Ideal for trial/sample sizes and for travel/on-the-go purposes!

Diverse Fill Sizes for Deodorant Containers

When you opt for mini oval push-up deodorant containers from DISTRIBUPACK, you can enjoy a range of fill size options to help you customize your purchase along with in stock color options of white, black, or natural that are immediately available to ship with no lead time. Our mini push-up sticks are made from polypropylene with the inside platform being made of high density polyethylene with fill sizes available in .50oz, .75oz, or 1.00oz. The following upgrades and features are available as well at an additional cost, with possible additional lead time, and with minimum order quantity requirements:

  • Decoration
  • Custom Colors
  • Finishes
  • Recycled Post Consumer Resin (PCR) Material

Complimentary Advice

Every deodorant brand strives to be unique, so our plastic containers should match the intended purpose and brand identity of your unique product. And our containers can be used for deodorant and so much more. Our design team is happy to discuss with you the unique needs of your order without any additional cost to you. Get in touch with us at 814.878.5500 during regular business hours to get started or contact us online here.


What they’re Saying

My buying experience with DISTRIBUPACK was great. It was incredibly easy finding what I needed on the website. My packaging was delivered fast and the quality was fantastic. I will definitely continue using DISTRIBUPACK for all of my stock packaging needs. 11/10 experience.

Michael W.