Six Things to Know Before Ordering Empty Deodorant Containers

Branden J. Kaczay
Dec. 8 2023
empty deodorant containers

DISTRIBUPACK Provides Six Things to Know Before Ordering Empty Deodorant Containers

There are so many things to consider when ordering empty deodorant containers. There are considerations for all package characteristics like quantity, container color, functionality, shape, and fill type. The task of ordering the right containers may feel daunting, but DISTRIBUPACK is here to simplify the process by letting you know six (6) of the most important details about purchasing empty deodorant containers. Reading through these important package characteristic details will prepare you to order the perfect deodorant container for your specific needs. If you get to the end of this article and still have questions, we want to hear from you. Our team loves talking to clients directly, getting to know their businesses and deodorant products, and providing thoughtful advice so they can order perfect empty deodorant containers in the right quantity.

Order Empty Deodorant Containers

Choose a Deodorant Container Shape Your Customers Will Love

Any well-run company wants their deodorant products to stand out. However, it is also important to consider how they will fit in. For example, the shape of the containers you use to distribute your deodorant(s) can play a role in customers choosing to buy your product. The most popular shape we offer are our traditional oval deodorant containers. When most consumers think of deodorant, they have these oval shaped containers in mind. In addition to being easy to fill, the oval shape and width of the container makes application across an armpit seamless.

While traditional oval shaped deodorant containers are our most popular offering and the industry's most widely used shape, we offer even more at DISTRIBUPACK. Sometimes you want to stand out and our round deodorant sticks can help you accomplish this. Round sticks offer a greater degree of application precision compared to oval containers. If you are a newer brand or think this shape would be better for your customers when applying deodorant, consider ordering our round sticks.

Consider Propel/Repel vs Push-Up Functionality to Ensure Ease for End Users

When most consumers think of applying deodorant, they think of twisting up the contents of an oval tube. This twist up functionality is known as a propel/repel design. Most of our containers have this intuitive propel/repel functionality. With an application style that consumers understand well and the ability to contain solid, gel, or soft-solid deodorants, this style is versatile for any type of deodorant. Other terms this propel/repel function is known as include the “elevator function” or “dial function”. Whatever you personally call it, twist up deodorant containers are used the world over and ordering ours can be a key step in making it easy for customers to relate to your deodorant product(s) with this instinctual feature.

Propel/Repel deodorant containers are by far the most common on the market, but you have options for container functionality at DISTRIBUPACK. We also sell push-up style deodorant containers. Unlike twist up tubes that can easily contain the different types of deodorant composition, push-up containers are suited more specifically for solid deodorants only. This mechanism requires the user to first push up the contents of the container to be applied, then the user must use their finger to press the deodorant back inside. As you can imagine, a gel or soft-solid deodorant is ill-suited to this application style. However, push-up deodorant sticks are worth considering if you have a solid deodorant you need to distribute securely.

The Right Container Color Will Help Your Deodorant Look Fabulous To End Users

We stock oval deodorant tubes in white, black, and natural colors. White is the undisputed favorite among deodorant brands. Consumers generally associate this color with clean and pure products and the simple color makes it easy to add labels/prints/etc. in a range of styles that will always look great.

Our black deodorant tubes are a great option when you have a label with colors that you want to really pop out to consumers. Black containers do risk the chance of showing scratches/blemishes more than any other color whereas white container’s color helps to hide these marks, but black deodorant containers can certainly offer positive features when considering what will make your deodorant stand out compared to others.

Lastly, we have our natural or “clearish” deodorant tubes. If your deodorant composition is made in a color that is part of its appeal, we recommend considering these natural color tubes. Natural tubes do a better job than black tubes of making scratches and other blemishes less visible. Lastly, no container makes assessing how much deodorant is left in a tube easier than one with a natural color as it offers a semi-transparent feature for the user to see inside.

You cannot go wrong with these three (3) stock deodorant tube colors, but your product specifics and label/print design should help you in selecting which one will be best to order. DISTRIBUPACK also offers the ability to order other color options (minimum order quantities and additional lead times may apply).

Gel and Soft-Solid Deodorants Can Benefit from Different Container Component Options

Is your deodorant product in gel or soft-solid form or is it a traditional solid deodorant? The answer to this question will help you determine not just the type of deodorant container you should order but also what sort of applicator and/or cover it should include beneath its cap, if any.

In general, gel and soft-solid deodorants are best distributed in a container that has propel/repel functionality and comes with a domed cover. A dome will naturally shape and form the semi-fluid deodorant that is being dispensed through and applied by the deodorant container dome. It will also help to prevent spillage or overflow down the sides of the tube. If you are unsure whether your solid deodorant is soft enough to require a dome, we recommend ordering domed and non-domed deodorant containers from us to conduct a test before placing a larger order.

Solid deodorants have a natural shape provided by their texture consistency which makes a dome unnecessary. Instead, solid deodorants tend to shape themselves to the end-user's body with each application. While we recommend testing your product with the design you think is best suited to it, if you have a deodorant with a firmer consistency, you should be able to safely order oval tubes with no dome component needed.

Select Top-Fill or Bottom-Fill Deodorant Containers Based on Your Preferred Pour Style

The simplest and most straight forward fill style for the deodorant containers that we offer is top fill. Top fill works reliably whether you are pouring a deodorant into the tube manually or via automated equipment. Essentially, you simply pour the molten or naturally semi-fluid product in via the open section at the top of the container. A flat and straight top will be the result of the cooling and setting process and you can then proceed to cap your product.

Bottom fill containers, which we also offer, require a more precise filling process. For the bottom fill deodorant containers that we currently offer as in stock items, there are two (2) openings at the base of a container and the liquefied product is poured in while the container’s dome and cap are in place (shipped already assembled in place). Unlike the top fill style, these bottom fill containers will result in a nice, rounded appearance with gently sloped sides via the dome that allows it to form as such. Upon completion of the cooling process, the filler needs to plug both holes to ensure no product leaks out during distribution or use. While more complex, bottom fill deodorant tubes come with the benefit of being nearly fully assembled upon completion of the filling, cooling, and plugging process as well as other benefits to professional fillers.

As we will outline below, your container fill size needs may help determine which pour style you decide to order. We offer a wide variety of top-fill and bottom-fill containers. Many of these can come as tubes only or as full assemblies (tubes with caps included). Take a look below at our complete list of fill sizes and styles so you can target in on the right option(s) and order perfect empty deodorant containers.

Last But Not Least: Order Deodorant Containers in the Proper Fill Size(s)

A final step to consider when placing your order will be determining the container fill sizes you want to choose based on the specific amount of deodorant that you intend to offer. The above topics should help you narrow down which fill size options you can consider below based on the shape, functionality, deodorant consistency, and fill type that you prefer.

Our complete suite of in stock sizes and styles are:

Top Fill Oval Fill Sizes Available Include: 





Super Bonus

Minimum order quantities and lead times may apply. Currently unavailable for on-demand ordering, please contact us for a custom quote.

  • 2.75oz
  • 3.00oz
  • 3.25oz
  • 3.50oz

Bottom Fill True2

2 Hole Bottom Fill with Plugs

Bottom Fill Bonus

2 Hole Bottom Fill with Plugs

We have shared a good amount of valuable information with you on this page, but we want you to know that you do not need to assess it all on your own. While you are welcome to place your first order for empty deodorant containers with us now via the online options, you can also reach out to get our team’s expert advice. When you contact DISTRIBUPACK, you will speak to a real person instead of an automated system. We have served customers ranging from startups to global deodorant distributors. With our extensive experience, we are confident that we can recommend the perfect empty deodorant containers for you to order.


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