The Importance of Product Packaging for Consumers

Branden J. Kaczay
Aug. 27 2021

DISTRIBUPACK is a U.S.-based distributor of stock packaging fulfilling both low-volume and high-volume orders for multipurpose plastic jars, containers, sticks, tubes, and accessories, including lids, caps, and more. Our products span a wide variety of popular applications throughout established industries, such as health and beauty and personal care, as well as rising industries, such as CBD balms.

Product packaging is crucial because it differentiates your brand from the competition and creates a powerful brand identity. Product packaging is partially a marketing tool, right down to the shape, design, and colors that can attract consumers and sway their purchasing decisions. If you’re looking to properly package and proudly represent your products to various existing and emerging markets, the experts at DISTRIBUPACK can help determine and supply the best packaging for both your business and your customers.


How Stock Packaging Can Make or Break Small Brands

Product packaging plays a more important role in consumer decisions than you might think. A product’s packaging communicates many things; some would argue that the packaging is just as important as the product itself, serving as a huge marketing asset for your business. For example, the aesthetics and features of your packaging can have a direct impact on buyers’ decision-making. First and foremost, though, packaging functions as physical protection, protecting the product from breakage, compression, dust, moisture, and other possible environmental and transportation-related damage.

A product’s packaging can also be designed in such a way that it’s more convenient for distribution, handling, display, stacking, recycling, and even disposal. It makes product transportation, storing, and warehousing somewhat easier. And again, your product packaging can be your silent salesman. Good packaging can effectively attract and retain loyal customers. It can be a marketing tool that helps your product shine amidst a seemingly infinite array of options.

Choosing Packaging for CBD Balms, Lotions, & More

Research continues to reveal the extensive benefits of CBD use. It is currently used to alleviate chronic pain, anxiety, depression, cancer-related symptoms, acne, and more. For health-related products like CBD, it is crucial to use efficient and secure packaging that reassures customers that your product is safe, untampered with, and designed with their health and wellbeing in mind. It is also important that your packaging aids in keeping the product protected from light, temperature fluctuations, and other elements that could affect its quality. DISTRIBUPACK offers a variety of plastic packaging options that are perfect for the resale of CBD balms, lotions, gummies, and more.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Product Packaging for Skincare Products

The market for new and existing skincare lines is incredibly large and growing. In many cases, companies are introducing new moisturizers, cleansers, balms, serums, creams, and other products every month. In a market this competitive, it’s important to create an attractive product presentation that simultaneously serves your customers with functional and effective product packaging. Not only should lotion and balm packaging protect its contents, it should also be durable, safe, and enticing.

DISTRIBUPACK is the premier partner for upstart businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to strategically package with a purpose. In order to provide eye-catching and functional package options, DISTRIBUPACK carefully considers and evaluates consumer trends in the skincare market and retail demands when designing the wholesale product packaging line up and offerings.

How Important Is Packaging in the Cosmetic Industry?

The market for health and beauty and personal care products is vast, extremely competitive, and ever-changing. There are new health and beauty products and brands introduced each and every year (with the U.S. market reaching a total of 89.5 billion dollars in sales in 2018 alone), all looking to stand apart from the established competition. Speed to market is critical, and it is vital to ensure your strategic choices meet some of the basic functions of product packaging:

  • Offering shock impact and physical protection to the product from natural deterioration, as well as protecting the customer from any potential chemicals
  • Designed to be conveniently shipped in bulk quantities
  • Designed to be convenient for consumers

Packaging health and beauty products in high-quality plastic packaging assures the consumer that the product will be reliable and well-constructed. When choosing cosmetic product packaging, it is imperative to work with a packaging supplier that has experience working with product manufacturers, brand owners, contract packers, and fillers, as well as one that understands and appreciates the dynamics of each product category. Because product packaging is so instrumental to the success of cosmetic brands, working with a packaging distributor that understands consumer trends and retail demands in a fast-changing marketplace can be beneficial to getting products to market much faster, and ensure consumer satisfaction with a brand. This experience and industry knowledge is vital to helping upstart businesses and entrepreneurs choose or create custom wholesale packaging solutions that will provide them with success in a highly competitive marketplace.

Why Functional Product Packaging is Vital to Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals

Consumers of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries rely on dependable plastic containers that can support the stability and integrity of the product at hand. Specific product packaging is essential to guarantee a product’s integrity, stability, and to keep it from being confused with other nutraceuticals/pharmaceuticals; defense against light, moisture, and biological damage ensures a full potency product for the consumer. DISTRIBUPACK also offers access to a variety of specific needs add ons/offerings, thus improving product satisfaction and widening your audience.

Importance of Safe Product Packaging for Home Care & Cleaning Supplies

At a time many are deeming critical for our environment, consumers are taking the initiative to switch to more natural and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. In addition to being cost-efficient, plastic containers and lids for these products are made to be user-friendly; cleaning products containing chemicals can also be packaged to be compatible with all available safety feature add-ons. Both emerging new age and established traditional home care and cleaning companies should be utilizing corrosion-resistant plastic packaging solutions for their cleaning supplies and home care products. For those looking to package their traditional and/or natural cleaning solutions safely and for maximum shelf life, DISTRIBUPACK offers a wide range of plastic jars, containers, push-up sticks, and universal caps and lids.

DISTRIBUPACK Offers Superior Stock Packaging, Empty Deodorant Sticks, Lip Balm Sticks, & More

If you are looking to package and distribute deodorant, lip balms, stain sticks, CBD balms, and other solid or soft solid ingredients, the various plastic deodorant sticks and containers offered by DISTRIBUPACK have you covered. These deodorant sticks are universally styled, yet specifically designed for each and every applicable market and can be used for an abundant amount of general use cases as well as other specialized applications. By efficiently packaging products for entry-level, standard, and/or higher-grade applications, we are capable of adjusting and adapting to exactly what our customer needs, whether it’s a small order for a recent startup or large product orders for industry leaders.

Every year, consumers are looking for new products to satisfy their needs. Getting to market effectively and efficiently is critical, and to assist with a vital part of your product getting to market, DISTRIBUPACK can handle all of your wholesale packaging needs. We take pride in working with small businesses and helping growing brands take the crucial step of choosing effective packaging.

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