The Right Lip Balm Tube from DISTRIBUPACK Can Serve Many Purposes

Branden J. Kaczay
Jul. 8 2023

The Right Lip Balm Tube from DISTRIBUPACK Can Serve Many Purposes

DISTRIBUPACK and our customers can always figure out creative ways to make sure that our stock packaging is never one-dimensional. This is why our lip balm containers are used widely to distribute products that go far beyond lip balms. Below you can develop an understanding of just how extensive the use cases for balm tubes can be. After doing so, we are confident that you will be able to order from us knowing we have the right lip balm tube solution for your product, whatever it may be.

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Our .15oz Balm Tubes Are Great for Muscle, Joint Relief, and Relaxation Products

Are you shopping for the right lip balm tubes to distribute your muscle or joint relief balm products? How about a relaxing CBD balm product, sunscreen, or topical headache relief solution? Our loyal customers have found DISTRIBUPACK’s .15oz balm tubes to be ideal for these sorts of products and many more. Our balm tubes are easy to fill and distribute and just as easy for customers to use as the look and function style have been the dominating industry standard for years. If you want to make sure your buyers can apply your personal care products with ease, look no further than our .15oz lip balm tubes.

Use DISTRIBUPACK Lip Balm Tubes for Household Repair Products

The first products that may come to your mind when you think of used for lip balm tubes include topical products. While we have mentioned several potential topical product uses for our .15oz lip balm tubes, we now want to expand the discussion.

Customers of DISTRIBUPACK have also found our balm tubes to work well as containers for home and auto repair products. Examples of successful use cases include home repair putty and auto wax, which can be applied with ease and precision using our tubes. These use cases show you that if your product can fit inside our balm tubes and their twist functionality suits the product’s application well, our tubes can be successfully used for endless scenarios. We always welcome discussions to determine if the composition of your product (viscosity, etc.) will work well with any of our specific stock packaging.

Sturdy Plastic and Easy Twist Functionality Make Filling and Using Our Balm Tubes Easy

One of the reasons our containers are the right lip balm tube for countless scenarios is the durable materials that they are made from. By default, our balm tubes are made from polypropylene with their twisting base made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This makes them efficiently light weight while also allowing them to be durable enough to handle a molten product pour during the filling stages as well as the bumpy shipping stages.

The twist functionality that the HDPE platform offers makes it extremely easy for your customers to use the products that you sell to them, as the twist functionality (propel/repel) of the classic lip balm tube is something most customers are well acquainted with since it is the industry standard. This fundamental feature makes our tubes ideal for businesses like yours that place a high value on customer satisfaction.

Larger Balm Tube Sizes are Available to Order Online

Would you benefit from a balm tube that comes with a fill volume greater than our standard .15oz tubes? If so, we have you covered. At DISTRIBUPACK we also provide an option for a .45oz round tube that offers a similar appearance as well as the same twist style for that propel/repel functionality. Though our .15oz tubes are ideal for many uses and make for perfect travel size and sample size options, you can order our .45oz if you want to distribute greater product volume per container.

Order .15oz Lip Balm Tubes in “Greener” PCR Plastic and with Caps Included

Above we mentioned that by default our balm tubes are made from polypropylene with an HDPE platform inside, and we have this default option in inventory and ready to ship to you at any time.. While this combination offers exceptional availability, durability, and temperature resistance, sometimes a “greener” option will serve as the right lip balm tube for your brand. For these scenarios you can order our tubes and caps in a more eco-friendly Post Consumer Resin (PCR) plastic, which are a special “made to order” material option that requires minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements to be met. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the PCR option and the MOQ details.

Additionally, both the traditional polypropylene and PCR options of our balm tubes can be purchased as standalone tubes or as full assemblies (with caps included), adding to the flexibility of how you can order the packaging that you want and need.

Order Lip Balm Tubes Online Now or Contact Us to Discuss Your Needs

At DISTRIBUPACK, we make it easy to order our lip balm tubes directly online with just a few simple clicks. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your needs and get our expert advice prior to placing your order, we invite you to reach out to us online or by phone. We truly enjoy helping our customers through the process of ordering the perfect tube style for their products. Whether you want a standard solution, customized options, or to place a specialty PCR plastic lip balm tube order, we are ready to assist you. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to determine the best lip balm tube for your product.

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