Uses for Push-Up Tubes from DISTRIBUPACK

Branden J. Kaczay
Jun. 8 2024
round twist and push up containers

The Limitless Applications and Uses for DISTRIBUPACK’s Push-Up Tubes

Push-up tubes from DISTRIBUPACK offer superior quality and reliability for applications on both small and large scales with short lead times. While our containers offer the quality your company wants and deserves, our friendly team also offers their expertise in making recommendations on which containers would work best for your specific product formula and appearance. With expert assistance at your disposal, your business can excel in scalability and end user/customer satisfaction in addition to making outstanding products.


Our push-up tubes work by users pressing up on a platform located on the bottom of the container to expose the inside contents that are pushed upwards. We offer a wide range of containers in the most popular sizes with options for eco-friendly materials, so you can explore nearly limitless possibilities for your products. Explore how our superior containers including push-up tubes and propel/repel round tubes offer utilitarian solutions across multiple fill size options for deodorants, balms, and more.

DISTRIBUPACK Offers Superior Quality Deodorant Push-Up Tubes with Several Fill Size Options

Among the most popular uses for our push-up tubes are distributing deodorant products and balm products, but that is only just the beginning of the many use cases. Our push-up fill size options range from 2.50oz - 3.00oz allowing you to utilize our containers for a wide variety of different applications in many different industry’s most popular size ranges. Any business that sells products requiring seamless consumer application can benefit from our push-up containers with easily scalable order sizes. No matter your order size requirements, our team will work with your company’s specific order quantity and time frame, and we are even capable of operating on a low cost rush basis.

Push-Up Tubes for Balms

Balm-based products have surged in popularity in recent years, especially in the natural and CBD balm market, and many companies that manufacture these products have turned to DISTRIBUPACK for their container solutions. Our push-up tubes function reliably, which is key in maximizing the end customer experience for your products. With competitive lead times, our containers for balm products are easy to order and apply to your unique products. A lot of balm products are relatively small, but our containers still offer a sizable diameter at the bottom allowing customers with large fingers to easily use your product.

Additional Applications of Push-Up Tubes

In addition to balms, deodorants, and other popular consumer care products, push-up tubes from DISTRIBUPACK can be used for several other kinds of products. Our creative customers in the past have made use of them for wax products designed to be applied to surfaces like surfboards and hockey sticks. Some have even used our containers for boat propeller lubricant. Some of our customers in the home care product industry have used our containers for drywall repair putty. The pet care industry is also compatible with our push-up tubes for products like paw and skin balm for dogs and cats. 

Propel/Repel Round Twist Tubes

Some products are served better by our superior propel/repel round twist tubes, which function by using a screw or dial on the bottom to control the inside contents. If you are looking to package products like fabric stain sticks or even some drywall repair putty, a propel/repel tube may be more appropriate. You can reach out to our expert team to determine which kind of container would be best suited for your product whether it is a push-up tube, propel/repel twist tube, or something else entirely.

Get Push-Up Tubes for Your Products

The possibilities from what you can do with push-up tubes for your products is limited only by your imagination. At DISTRIBUPACK, you’ll find an array of superior quality containers and a team of experts who can help you find the best solutions for your unique products. We look forward to helping you find the right size for push-up tubes that function well for your product. Get in touch with our team today online or by calling 814.878.5500 to speak with an expert.

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