What is a Flip Top Bottle Cap? Benefits, Uses, and More

Branden J. Kaczay
Apr. 8 2022

DISTRIBUPACK offers a wide selection of packaging solutions for a variety of uses. Finding the right packaging for your specific needs is an important part of optimizing the presentation and usability of your products. Choosing the right container/ bottle cap may quietly have a big impact on your packaging, and oftentimes, the flip top cap will be your best bet. 

A flip top bottle cap is a simple cap by design that is made up of two pieces connected together by a hinge. The bottom half stays screwed on and secured to the bottle, while the top half pops on and off in a swinging motion via the hinge. The entire top does not need to be screwed on and off as the upper part only needs to be flipped open for quick and easy access to the contents inside of the bottle or container. 

Benefits of Flip Top Caps

The flip top bottle cap has many benefits. The main benefit is its ease of use. As opposed to other lids which may need to be screwed on and off, the flip top cap has an upper part that easily pops on and off for quicker and easier access. In addition to that, its hinged design means you don’t even need two hands to open and close it, meaning you can flip open the top, empty the contents of the bottle, and snap the cap back closed again all with one hand. This makes the flip top bottle cap perfect for products that are frequently used or used on-the-go. Additionally, flip top caps generally have a small opening, which makes it easier to be more precise with the amount of contents you’re pouring or applying. 

Uses of Flip Top Caps

Flip top caps are useful for packaging fluids, such as creams or gels, that need to be squeezed or poured out easily and/or frequently. They are found in a variety of industries for many different types of products. This includes food products, such as salad dressings, condiments, honey, and other sauces. To get an idea of how ubiquitous flip top caps have become in the food industry, and how much more useful they are, think back to when ketchup was packaged in a glass bottle with a screw-on cap. Remember how frustrating it was trying to get anything to come out, only to have way too much pour out all at once? A squeeze bottle with a flip top cap makes putting a few squirts of ketchup on your sandwich or fries that much simpler. 

In addition to food products, flip top caps are frequently used with beauty and hygiene products, such as lotions, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, hair gels, and hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizers have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years due to the global pandemic, and for anyone who has used them frequently, it’s very clear why the convenient flip top is the preferred cap. Simply pop the top, squirt a few drops in your hand, and snap the top closed. That simple with no fuss or mess! 

Find the Right Flip Top Cap Today

When looking for the right cap for your bottle or container, keep in mind that in addition to having something that looks good and fits your brand aesthetically, you want something that is functional and easy to use. The flip top cap is one of the most convenient and functional tops available compared to any other closure type, and depending on your exact needs, may be the perfect solution for your packaging. 

Make sure you choose the correct dimensions as specific types of flip top caps typically are manufactured in sizes and styles that can be referenced as two (2) numbers in a format such as the example: 24/410. The first number refers to the diameter of the flip top cap (typically in millimeters) and corresponding finish diameter, while the second number refers to the height and thread configuration of the closure or finish. Some flip top caps may only reference the diameter in the format (typically millimeters shown as “mm”).

DISTRIBUPACK has stock inventory and immediate shipment availability for flip top caps in several size/configuration options (24/410, 28/410, etc.) and can work to source and provide you with any other option that you may need. Our flip top cap stock inventory is available for small or large quantity orders, and we offer options for custom colors, decorations, and finishes (with MOQ requirements met). Our flip top caps are the perfect solution for your hand sanitizer, lotion, gel, or any other liquid type products that you sell. Browse our offerings and get in touch with us to see how we can help you with any of your stock packaging needs.

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