Order Balm Containers with Seamless Elevator Tube Functionality

Branden J. Kaczay
Sep. 8 2023

Elevator style tubes represent one of the most common plastic balm stick styles across the globe. Given how intuitive and easy to use elevator tube functionality is, it is no surprise that businesses choose this style to allow for an ideal customer experience. If you want to please your customers both with your balm style contents and the container it comes in, DISTRIBUPACK has you covered. On this page, we will help you prepare to place your plastic container order by outlining exactly what elevator tubes are and, more specifically, we will focus on why the twist up and twist down dispensing style is ideally convenient and reliable (relatively speaking as we will not focus on the push-up dispensing style in this particular article). After you get comfortable understanding some of the key benefits of elevator tube style containers sold here, place your order with DISTRIBUPACK and be confident that you will be receiving superior quality products and service.

What is Elevator Tube Functionality?

You may have searched for plastic balm containers and wondered why the term ‘elevator tube’ is appearing as an option. Balm containers can also be known by other names such as balm sticks, balm tubes, etc. The functionality that they provide to dispense the internal contents can also be described in multiple ways. For example, if a balm container has a mechanism to bring the contents up and down to dispense or store, some would refer to the dispensing functionality as “propel/repel” while others may refer to it as “twist up/twist down”. With that very same concept of up and down, “elevator function” is another way to describe the same thing. As the name suggests, a balm tube with an elevator design functions similarly to an elevator that you ride in to move in both an upward and a downward direction. It provides a mechanism, in this case a twistable wheel at the bottom of the container, which is attached to a platform on the inside of the tube that allows users to easily raise and lower the balm product inside  simply by turning the wheel.

Nearly All Potential Customers Are Familiar with How Elevator Tubes Function

Whether or not your customers know the exact term ”elevator tube”, they will undoubtedly know how this style of container functions. As you can see in images on our online store, these tubes include a rigid wheel/screw at their base. This wheel/screw operates with standard turning one way or the other to raise or lower the inside contents of the stick. Attached to the wheel/screw on the inside of the stick is what is known as a platform, which acts as the piece that actually moves the product up and down when the wheel/screw is turned. The platform is set at the desired fill level that provides a natural stop for product pours. To put it in perspective, this platform is what your customers will see when they have eventually used the inside contents completely.  As studies have shown, not only is this functionality understood but it is the preferred balm container style of many.

The key aspect here is not the term elevator tube, but the functionality that it provides. That platform is the “elevator” that brings the contents up and down throughout the life cycle of the product. Even most children who are old enough to safely handle small parts inherently know how this elevator function works. Plus, given the simplicity of using our plastic balm sticks gentle twist functionality, even customers who struggle with things like tight medicine container caps should have no trouble dispensing your product.

Control Volume in Your Plastic Balm Container with Elevator Tube Functionality

We will use the standard fill volume of our polypropylene lip balm sticks (.15oz) to detail a point about fill volume, but we also have other balm sticks with fill volume options all the way up to 3.00oz and beyond.

The industry standard for the lip balm stick is indeed that .15oz sweet spot, but it does not mean that you must fill that volume completely. Different types of balms of course have different properties that make up the composition thus leading to a variation in the texture, consistency, viscosity, etc. of each type of balm. These variations in balm composition mean that there will be variations in how much you actually have to fill inside the lip balm container to reach a true .15oz fill volume. To put it simply, some balm compositions will require a complete fill to the very top of the lip balm stick to reach a true .15oz fill volume while other balm compositions may only need to be filled to 1/32nd of inch from the top to reach that true .15oz fill volume. Again, it all depends on the composition of the balms. But the great news is that there is no guesswork involved with our balm containers since they arrive to you already set to clearly defined fill amounts as a general reference starting point.

Order Plastic Elevator Tubes from DISTRIBUPACK for Daily-Use Products

While your balm style formula may not be the type of product that needs to be used every single day by every customer who buys it or end user who tries it, you will want daily use to be possible and seamless when needed. Elevator tubes, with their intuitive twist up and twist down functionality, ensure customers can use your product without any struggles or concerns. We want to help you wow your end users with a great product and user experience, and a durable and easy-to-use elevator tube style balm container from DISTRIBUPACK will help accomplish this.

Explore our online tools to better understand our order and delivery options, standard styles, availability, and more. Then you have the choice to either place your DISTRIBUPACK container order online or you can contact us directly if you want to speak to someone with expert advice to ensure your order of balm sticks with elevator tube functionality provides everything that your business and your customers need!

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