One of the Fastest Growing Personal Care Products

Branden J. Kaczay
Mar. 8 2024


Deodorant is one of the fastest growing personal care and hygiene products with a compound annual growth rate of 6.8% forecasted between 2019 and 2029. This steady growth applies worldwide, though the largest market for deodorant is North America. While the overall market is growing, taking advantage of that growth means being prepared to keep up with the latest deodorant trends.


When you have a product that people will love, it needs to come in a container/dispenser that they will love too. DISTRIBUPACK can provide superior quality containers designed for solid, soft solid, and gel content formulas like deodorants and balms while fitting the unique style of your branding. Take a closer look at the benefits of launching a deodorant line in this ever expanding market, and discover how DISTRIBUPACK can help.


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Market Trends

The most recent market trends suggest that deodorant consumers are looking for a product that allows them to be fresh and presentable for a long duration, from the armpits down to the feet and everything in between. This now includes an emergence of “whole body deodorants” with people wanting to be free of sweat and odor and anything else that could compromise one’s ability to be fresh and presentable. The current industry leaders have found success through deodorant products that last at least a minimum of 24 hours on the body, and emerging industry participants have found success through deodorant products that are safe to apply anywhere on the body.


More specialized deodorants for athletes are also finding success. Consumers who do regular athletic activity require deodorants that are aluminum-free with powerful odor-block capabilities. Many consumers additionally want specialized deodorant that offers organic and sustainable formulas without sacrificing the convenience of sprays and roll-ons.

Packaging Trends

What consumers want in deodorant products tends to translate into their packaging as well. DISTRIBUPACK offers a variety of plastic injection molded containers for deodorants made of Polypropylene (PP) with options to be manufactured with recycled PCR (Post Consumer Resin) material. Consumers who are looking for sustainability in their deodorant will want to additionally find it in the packaging as well, so it can be used as a selling point for that consumer group.


Consumers of virtually all groups value convenience in deodorant products, so it is helpful to have packaging that can be portable and easy to use. While most people keep a standard selection of deodorant in their home, it is increasingly common for people to have sticks in their car or gym/travel bag. DISTRIBUPACK offers containers in a range of different sizes ranging from 0.5 oz to 4 oz depending on the style selected and fill size desired.

Plastic Material Trends

While some plastic materials are non-recyclable, plastic still holds the major market share of deodorant packaging thanks to its extremely low cost and proven reliability. Consumers may be looking for more sustainable solutions for the chemical makeup of the deodorant formula itself, however the consumer still enjoys the features and benefits along with the lower cost that plastic packaging allows.


Plastic packaging is affordable to produce allowing for lower prices compared to alternative materials, but that is only the beginning of the features/benefits of plastic. It is lightweight, which helps consumers who are looking to carry deodorant on the go. Additionally, plastic is extremely durable, especially compared to alternatives like paper. Without more affordable alternatives, plastic is projected to maintain a significant market share well into the near future.


Building Brands

The deodorant market has extensive room for emerging competitors to stake a claim, especially if new startups are looking to take advantage and capitalize on the latest trends. Even established brands may want to try new tactics in response to the market demands. Whatever your case may be, DISTRIBUPACK can help.


We staff an entire team of support professionals that can help with every aspect of your deodorant packaging to help build your brand and increase your sales. From product dimensions to determining the best kind of packaging and delivery system for your unique product, our support team is ready to assist with expert knowledge. We value our clients being able to shop and operate with confidence, and that’s easy when our support team has you covered.

DISTRIBUPACK Helps Companies of All Sizes

Every company that makes deodorant needs packaging solutions no matter how large or small that company may be. At DISTRIBUPACK, we have experience working with large companies and small startups. Our team can offer superior service and quality packaging products for your company regardless of size.

Quick Order Turnaround Times

We know just how competitive the deodorant market can be, so we strive to offer every advantage that we can to the customers that we work with. That includes the fastest “in stock” order turnaround times in the entire industry that allows you to get your product to the end user as quickly as possible. By working directly with molding manufacturers, we have a priority designation that allows us to give you the competitive lead times that your product needs no matter how large or small the order size.

Place Your Order For Deodorant Containers

Jumping into the competitive deodorant market means you need a packaging provider that will work with you to find success. DISTRIBUPACK and our superior quality deodorant containers can help you deliver fragrance and utility to your customers. Our track record of customer success can offer confidence, but nothing helps quite like speaking directly with our support team. Give us a call at 814.878.5500 or use our online contact form to speak with a team member about deodorant container solutions that are right for you.

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