Applications and Uses of Deodorant Stick Containers

Branden J. Kaczay
Feb. 10 2022

Applications and Uses of Deodorant Stick Containers

When it comes to stock packaging options spanning a variety of industries, from cosmetics to skincare and even the ever-growing CBD market, DISTRIBUPACK is your U.S.-based distributor of choice. In addition to plastic jars, containers, and lids, DISTRIBUPACK specializes in providing deodorant sticks and empty deodorant containers that can be used for many applications in addition to deodorant, including lotion bars, body balms, CBD products, and more. These empty deodorant containers can be categorized into two primary varieties: oval propel/repel and round propel/repel deodorant sticks. While both varieties can be used for the aforementioned applications, these groupings dictate the shape and aesthetic of your product with the ideal look that you desire. 

If you are unsure about which deodorant stick container is best for your product’s application or the brand look that you wish to achieve, DISTRIBUPACK can help you find the best empty deodorant container for your needs. Contact us today to discuss your product goals, request product specs, or discuss any other questions you have in regards to stock packaging. 

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Types of Deodorant Stick Containers | Top & Bottom Fill Deodorant Containers

Oval Propel/Repel Deodorant Sticks

DISTRIBUPACK’s oval propel/repel deodorant stick containers feature a familiar oval shape that continues to be  “best in class” when it comes to the style that most major brands and consumers overwhelmingly prefer. The different size variations of oval deodorant stick options (Sampler, True2, Standard, Bonus, Super Bonus) are available as a top-fill, and the True2 and Bonus variations also are available with bottom-fill capabilities. 

Top-fill oval propel/repel stick size options are as follows:

  • Sampler (.50oz, .75oz, 1.00oz)
  • True2 (1.25oz, 1.50oz, 1.75oz, 2.00oz)
  • Standard (1.75oz, 2.00oz, 2.25oz, 2.50oz) 
  • Bonus (2.25oz, 2.50oz, 2.75oz, 3.00oz)
  • Super Bonus (2.75oz, 3.00oz, 3.25oz, 3.50oz)

Bottom-fill oval propel/repel stick size options are as follows: 

  • True2 (1.30oz, 1.59oz, 2.12oz)
  • Bonus (2.25oz, 2.56oz, 3.08oz)

While bottom-fill units ship already put together with a pre-assembled dome and cap, it should be noted that top-fill units ship separately and disassembled from their caps. In addition to top-fill and bottom-fill oval deodorant sticks, DISTRIBUPACK offers a top-fill mini oval push-up deodorant container in a .50oz, .75oz, or a 1.00oz variety. 

Round Propel/Repel Deodorant Sticks

DISTRIBUPACK’s round propel/repel deodorant stick containers are another high-quality stock packaging option, one that is also a very popular style with major brands and consumers. It is specifically designed to meet an equally vast amount of applications and needs when compared to its oval propel/repel counterpart. In addition to serving as round propel/repel deodorant containers, these empty cylindrical sticks can be used for lip balms, stain sticks, caulks/foams, lotions, and a wide range of other product types.

Top-fill round propel/repel stick size options are as follows: .15oz (lip balm), .75oz, 2.20oz, 3.00oz, and 4.50oz. These round propel/repel sticks are currently only offered with a top-fill capability.

Applications of Empty Deodorant Containers

With new lotion bars, body balms, moisturizers, and skincare products being produced and delivered to market year after year, it is crucial to choose stock packaging that helps your product stand out amongst the rest. This is especially true for markets in early stages or those that simply continue to see growth, such as CBD. DISTRIBUPACK recognizes the importance of superior quality stock packaging and that is why our empty deodorant containers are designed to be used for nearly any application and make your product “pop” as opposed to simply containing the product within. 

In addition to the aforementioned applications, DISTRIBUPACK’s oval propel/repel and round propel/repel sticks can be used for the following:

  • Solid sunscreens
  • Topical medication
  • Pet balms and medications
  • Perfume bars
  • Cosmetics
  • Home repair products (wall spackle, etc.)

Regardless of the deodorant, lotion, balm, CBD, or chemical compound product you are interested in distributing, we have the highest quality of stock packaging options for you to choose from to ensure your product and image reach the level of success that you deserve.  Our empty deodorant containers and other plastic products are proudly manufactured in the U.S. and strategically designed for product packaging and resale purposes. In addition to both round and oval propel/repel deodorant containers, DISTRIBUPACK offers the ability to match your container with superior quality plastic caps that allow you to create and deliver a fully packaged product.

Propel/Repel & Top-Fill/Bottom-Fill Deodorant Containers Made in the U.S.A

To this day, the personal care industry continues to produce new and invigorating products in the form of lotions and balms that deserve equally captivating and reliable packaging. Additionally, the CBD market shows no signs of slowing down as new creams, gels, and wax-based products continue to be introduced to the market for alternative health purposes. For any of these product types, or for your standard solid deodorants and so much more, DISTRIBUPACK provides superior quality empty deodorant containers designed to effectively market your product to consumers. Fortunately for our customers, we love to help small and growing brands discover the best packaging for their products; contact DISTRIBUPACK today to learn more about our superior stock packaging quality and our truly unparalleled customer service.

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