Pharmaceutical Packaging: Jars, Lids, Containers, & More

Pharmaceutical Packaging: Jars, Lids, Containers, & More

DISTRIBUPACK offers a large selection of packaging solutions for a variety of different uses and industries. Among these many industries are the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, which require a range of different packaging solutions for many kinds of medications, ointments, vitamins, supplements, and other medicinal products. Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies rely on plastic jars, bottles, and containers to safely and dependably package their products. DISTRIBUPACK provides plastic jars, lids, containers, and other packaging for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products

The Importance of Pharmaceutical Packaging   

Packaging is an important part of selling medical products. Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, such as pills and lotions, require safe and secure packaging to keep them as safe as possible from things like germs, bacteria, air, moisture, light, or anything else that may damage or compromise the contents inside. Additionally, certain packaging must also be designed for ease of use, or with safety measures in mind to protect the product inside as well as the people with access to the product inside. All in all, safety and security are very important features and benefits when it comes to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging. 

There are many different types of packaging used for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, including various jars, bottles, containers, cartons, vials, and more, each with its own unique design and purpose for ensuring a successful experience each and every time a consumer uses the medicinal product inside. DISTRIBUPACK offers a large collection of plastic jars, lids, and containers for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical use.  

Pharmaceutical Jars, Lids, & Containers

Of the many different types of pharmaceutical packaging used in the industry, plastic jars may be the most popular choice based on its ability to house consumer favorites such as pills, lotions, creams, ointments, gummies, or other medicinal products. Jars are versatile in both presentation and performance allowing a wide range of use cases across the industry. DISTRIBUPACK offers a large collection of dependable straight base and round base jars with  fill capacity ranging from ¼ of an ounce all the way up to 8 ounces. In addition to these jars, we offer sleek, dependable, and air tight caps and lids to go with many of these jars.

Another popular choice in the medicinal packaging industry is traditional oval or round propel/repel containers (such as a standard deodorant stick), as more and more medical products are being introduced that require a certain type of topical application via balms, gels, etc. A topical application may be required for products like pain relievers that can work on the skin and into the muscles or joints to relieve aches and pains, so a stick style container would be ideal whether it is oval or round to allow for a clean and precise application by the user. The CBD industry is an example of an emerging industry that is continually introducing many different pain/stress relief products utilizing these types of containers as well as jars.    

Find the Right Pharmaceutical Packaging Today

Finding the right packaging for your pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products is an important part of your business. In addition to needing something that will keep your products safe and secure, you’ll want something that is easy to use for a customer. You’ll also want something that looks good and fits your brand aesthetic. DISTRIBUPACK’s jars and containers offer the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics for packaging your products.  

DISTRIBUPACK has stock inventory and immediate shipment availability for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging in various size and configuration options, and can work to source and provide you with any other option you may need. Our stock inventory is available for small or large quantity orders, with special options for custom colors, decorations, and finishes (those special options are available with Minimum Order Quantity requirements). Browse our full collection and contact us today to see how we can help you with your pharmaceutical packaging needs.