Why DISTRIBUPACK is the Right Wholesaler for Personal Care Containers

Why DISTRIBUPACK is the Right Wholesaler for Personal Care Containers

How DISTRIBUPACK Outperforms the Competition with Our Personal Care Containers

DISTRIBUPACK offers a variety of personal care containers ranging from health & beauty, to pharmaceuticals/nutraceuticals, to CBD products, and so much more. At DISTRIBUPACK we work tirelessly to stock the best quality personal care containers at our Erie, Pennsylvania headquarters to meet customer demands for product orders large and small. From “mom-and-pop shops” to global corporations with sizable wholesale product container needs, DISTRIBUPACK can serve those needs with consistent lead times that no other wholesaler or distributor can beat. From our popular empty deodorant sticks and lip balm containers that are widely used for CBD-related products to our round propel/repel containers and beyond, our inventory of the finest products can serve your stock packaging needs. DISTRIBUPACK works to truly stand out from the competition by offering superior quality products, unmatched turnaround times, and crucial wholesaling advice and guidance wrought from our team’s expertise gained by successfully serving companies like yours for many years.

Stocking Affordable Products In-House Allows for Unbeatable Turnaround Times

Unlike other wholesale personal care container distributors, DISTRIBUPACK stores nearly all of the products that are featured on our website in our locally based warehouses, so we do not require unnecessary increases in lead time waiting on products to be delivered to our location before we can process and ship the orders to our customers. The products that are featured on our website are typically stocked right here with us in Erie, Pa meaning that we can offer average lead times ranging between only one (1) to three (3) business days. Maintaining this vast inventory within our immediately accessible storage network also helps us to keep costs down and remain consistent with our industry leading turnaround times. We know that large businesses require prompt shipping of their personal care product container orders, and we also know that small businesses deserve the same efficiency, so you will receive exceptional service no matter the volume of your order. If you do not see the product that you want featured on our website, just ask and we will get to work sourcing that exact product for you.

Same Day Shipping Capabilities With Minimal Rush & Convenience Fees

When customers need products immediately and we have those products available in our inventory, we always work hard to offer same-day turnaround when timing allows. Not only do we have the capability to get customers the personal care containers they need rapidly, but we also do so without charging exorbitant rush/convenience fees. Only a low/nominal convenience fee will apply and only when necessary. While most of our customers are happy with our standard one (1) to three (3) business days turnaround times, we always try to help get our customers the products that they need promptly if they are in a pinch. If your product needs are urgent and absolutely can not wait, please do not hesitate to tell us so we can prioritize and begin work on your order immediately.

From Small Initial Orders to High-Volume Recurring Needs DISTRIBUPACK Has You Covered

Our team is sincerely proud to serve customers of all sizes beginning with companies that are just starting to offer products and are making their first decisions on product containers and packages to global corporations who have well established brands with high-volume personal care container needs. When customers choose DISTRIBUPACK they are selecting more than just superior quality products, they are also selecting a wholesale distributor that has the inventory, consistency in delivery, and the knowledge to allow them to be confident in partnering with us as a reliable supplier of personal care containers. No matter your order size, you can trust that DISTRIBUPACK can get you the products you need at affordable prices that will be delivered promptly with attention to detail each and every time.

Advice and Expertise That Goes Beyond Wholesale Personal Care Containers

While we certainly have the inventory and distribution capabilities to serve mid-cap to large companies with their stock packaging and container needs, we also have the expertise needed to advise startups and small businesses to help them set the right foundation to build their brand and scale with us. A recent example of this was when a new business selling a special type of balm contacted our team to discuss their balm container needs. They wanted to take their hobby and “side hustle” to the next level and build a business around what they love to do. Without prior knowledge of this particular product or any other existing comparable products, we developed an understanding of their unique product and overall business model, then we guided them toward a specific package with a safe low volume starting order of 50 containers. Once these containers proved to be the ideal fit for their product function and product image, orders eventually rose to 500, then 1,500, and now more than 10,000 in just a 4 month time period. With our substantial inventory of in-house stock packaging and container options, we were able to help this new business scale rapidly with affordable, superior quality containers, and we will remain able to support and serve them as their growth continues. Contact us today and let DISTRIBUPACK support and serve you!