Full Face Shield PPE, 24mm Flip Top Caps & Boston Round Bottles for Hand Sanitizers

Full Face Shield PPE, 24mm Flip Top Caps & Boston Round Bottles for Hand Sanitizers

Nearly two years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, personal protective equipment (PPE) continues to be a necessity not only for healthcare workers but virtually anyone working within or going out in public settings. While we have made great strides in protecting ourselves from this virus, it is important to remember the basics of keeping your hands clean and preventing the spread of droplets. Fortunately, DISTRIBUPACK offers some of the tools necessary for safe and clean hands, including plastic flip-top caps and bottles that can be used for hand sanitizer packaging and distribution. Additionally, DISTRIBUPACK offers superior quality plastic full face shield PPE that is durable and designed to last, so whether you need defense for two hours or twelve, you can feel protected from the spread of droplets throughout.

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The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

According to the CDC, using a hand sanitizer with at least 60% ethyl alcohol in addition to regular hand washing can substantially help you avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. For the times that public spaces and retailers do not have hand sanitizer stations throughout their facilities, a large percentage of individuals are becoming accustomed to being prepared with their own bottle of hand sanitizer to keep their hands safe and clean.

Airborne droplets are capable of spreading from the eyes, nose, and mouth, leaving plastic full face shield PPE as one of the most effective and popular methods of prevention against the spread of disease and sickness. While surgical masks certainly help to protect yourself and others from the spread of airborne droplets via the nose and mouth, a full face shield offers enough coverage to also cover the eyes for true preventive protection.

Types of PPE Products Offered By DISTRIBUPACK

The full face shield PPE offered by DISTRIBUPACK is made in the U.S.A. with three components made from superior quality plastic materials. These face shields are designed to not only offer functionality and coverage but also comfort for those needing to wear them for long periods of time. The face shields require some very simple assembly between just three (3) components that are provided: the transparent shield itself, the comfortable forehead band, and the adjustable support strap.

DISTRIBUPACK offers U.S.-made 24mm flip top caps for hand sanitizer bottles and virtually any other type of bottle that requires cap threads conforming to GPI and SPI standards for 410-finish closures. Our 24-410 plastic flip top caps are injection molded closures made from polypropylene, a popular material that has stood the test of time across many different products and industries for its unrivaled quality and durability. These 24mm flip top caps are perfect for those with standard-sized 24mm container openings looking to distribute standard-sized hand sanitizers, soaps, sunblock, and other products either in bulk or small batch orders.

Introducing New 8oz Plastic Boston Round Bottles for Hand Sanitizers & More

DISTRIBUPACK is also proud to offer new eight-ounce Boston Round bottles that pair perfectly with our 24-410 fliptop caps or any other universal 24-410 style caps, lids, or pumps. This plastic bottle is commonly used for apothecary and personal care products, including (but not limited to) hand sanitizers, lotions, and hair care products. It is available in both a traditional cylindrical, “Straight” sided variety, as well as a cynlindrical, “Curved” bottle with subtle hourglass shaping. Both bottles feature rounded shoulders and a rounded base. They are currently made with an LDPE, or low-density polyethylene, which allows for a softer, more squeezable bottle. In the future, plans may include to offer a high-density polyethylene option which would result in a firmer, more rigid bottle.

Plastic Boston Round Bottles, 24mm Flip Top Caps, & Full Face Shield PPE

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic continues with highly contagious Delta and Omicron variants, requiring personal protection not only at work but also for everyday interactions with strangers and even friends and family. DISTRIBUPACK proudly offers three (3) of the most important preventative tools to have in your arsenal: full face shields, 24mm flip top caps, and plastic Boston Round bottles for hand sanitizer and more. These products can even be produced with bio-resins or post consumer resin (PCR) with a larger minimum order quantity and lead time.

DISTRIBUPACK is proud to offer products that provide not only safety and effectiveness but comfort as well. By purchasing PPEtype products from DISTRIBUPACK, you can ensure your family, friends, and employees will have the best personal protective products to help defend them from contagions whether they are working with the public or completing everyday tasks such as grocery shopping.

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